WATCH: Fan finds out suspicious detail in a picture of Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend at Indian Wells

WATCH: Fan finds out suspicious detail in a picture of Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend at Indian Wells

Costeen Hatzi and Nick Kyrgios

On March 18, the Australian Open doubles champion Nick Kyrgios clashed heads with the 21-time grand slam champion Rafael Nadal in the Quarterfinals of the 2022 Indian Wells. In spite of all the trouble, the 26-year old Aussie got himself into yesterday, including shouting at a fan, getting a global celebrity Ben Stiller involved in it, and then almost hit a ball boy after throwing his racquet on the ground, fans noticed something unusual about a photo of his girlfriend during the match.

A businesswoman and a devoted fan, Costeen Hatzi has been there in all of Kyrgios matches so far, completely rooting for him during his best and his worst. Kyrgios has also posted multiple stories on his social media about Hatzi, one captioned, “You continue to amaze me every day.” However, Hatzi had been wearing a mic tucked into her back pocket while observing the match of her partner.


A tennis series, Kotzi collects data from Nick Kyrgios’s match.

Mic found on Nick Kyrgios's girlfriend's pocket
Mic found on Nick Kyrgios’s girlfriend’s pocket

Fans have speculated that the mic that Kyrgios’s girlfriend Costeen Hatzi had been wearing in yesterday’s match may have something to do with the upcoming tennis series produced by Netflix. Similar to that of Formula 1’s “Drive to Survive” document, a series is being created for tennis.

Multiple Producers and cameramen have been seen both at ATP and at WTA during the Australian Open in January. All tennis fans are heavily anticipating the new show.

Netflix recently gave their purpose and reason behind this show, that being, “The series will be the first sports program of its kind to provide an equal platform to male and female competitors in the sport, in line with the same stage they share throughout the year.”


“Surely that’s all there is to it?” People wonder why Hatzi had the mic

After noticing Costeen Hatzi’s photos, Graham Ruthven, a reporter, tweeted, “Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend is ready to watch docuseries on Netflix, isn’t she? She has been a very dedicated and supportive girlfriend despite her busy schedule. The news ends by saying “She wears a wireless microphone pack around her waist. Surely that’s all there is to it?”

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