‘Are they asking when Rafael Nadal will have kids,’ Johanna Konta HITS out at double faced and SEXIST tennis media over ‘When’s the Baby Questions’

Johanna Konta takes a bold swipe at the tennis media over sexist questions; drags Rafael Nadal into the conversation.

Rafael Nadal, Johanna Konta
Rafael Nadal, Johanna Konta

Johanna Konta, former British tennis player announced her retirement from tennis due to a long battle with injuries. Recently, the Briton hit out at the sexist tennis media, who ask female tennis such questions which are unrelated to tennis.

Johanna Konta has never had good relations with the British press, and she took a jibe at the general media for questioning a female tennis player over irrelevant questions. Konta stated that when she announced her retirement, the media assumed that she is going to take that next step in her career, and plan for a child.

Johanna Konta believes it would be better to speak about tennis, and get asked questions about her career rather than being questioned on family planning. Konta stated these sort of questions have become the norm, because the tennis media is flooded with middle-aged men.

‘Does anyone ever ask Rafael Nadal?,’ Johanna Konta hits out at the media

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal breaks down after reaching the finals of the 2022 Australian Open

Johanna Konta gave a bold comparison and stated that no one ever asks Rafael Nadal as to when he will have a kid. Moreover, Konta stated that no one even asked Nadal as to when he would marry his girlfriend. She believes such questions are just ridiculous to say the least.

“As a woman, you start getting to a certain age, hitting certain milestones and then it is straightaway assumed, ‘Okay, well, when’s the baby coming?’ I don’t think it’s done with any harm, but it would be nice to talk about my career and things like that – like my male counterparts in the sport,” Konta said.

“I’m not sure they’re asking Rafa Nadal when he was finally going to marry his girlfriend before he did, or when he is going to have kids,” she added, as quoted by News.com.au.

Johanna Konta believes such questions are insensitive as there are many women out there who do not want kids or have difficulties having them. Over time, Konta has been very straightforward with the press, and does not step behind in taking a swipe at them.

“I think it can be a bit insensitive, especially for people who maybe don’t want to (have children) or have other difficulties. You just don’t know. While our tennis press is mainly made up of middle-aged men, I think the questions are going to be catered so,” said Konta.

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