Who are Coco Gauff’s siblings? All Details you need to know

Learn about personal details of Coco Gauff's family including her parents and siblings.

Who are Coco Gauff’s siblings? All Details you need to know

Coco Gauff with her family (Image Credit: Distractify)

Coco Gauff is one of the youngest and brightest talents on the tennis courts. In a short career, she has skillfully amassed several achievements under her belt, including a shocking Grand Slam victory. Although Gauff just turned 20, she has always been one of the more composed and mature players on the court. The reason, perhaps, is that although young, she is the oldest among the three children of Candi and Corey Gauff.


The current WTA world No. 3 was born, and raised in Atlanta but now resides in Del Ray Beach, Florida, USA, with her family whom she credits for being the pillar of support since her childhood. The Gauff family comprises Coco, her parents Candi and Corey, and two brothers- Cameron and Codey Gauff, both of whom are younger than the tennis prodigy.

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Codey Gauff

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Coco Gauff with her family (Image Credit: Twitter)

Gauff, the US Open champion, isn’t the only athlete in the family. Her 14-year-old brother, Codey Gauff, seems to have inherited the athletic gene too. Unlike Coco with tennis, Codey’s passion lies on the baseball field, where he showcases his talent as a pitcher.


His skills have recently been the talk of the town on social media platforms, but the 14-year-old seems humble as ever. Much like his sister, Codey prefers to keep his life out of the spotlight, which is understandable for a teenager in high school. Although, despite his preference for privacy, Codey’s baseball talent has certainly grabbed the media’s attention.

Coco also says that her siblings have been the source of immense support for her. “I’m the oldest of three siblings. Maybe that has something to play with it. I don’t know. I feel like I have learned a lot quickly,” she had said when asked about the reason for her maturity.

Codey’s baseball skills have recently found their place on the shoutout page of Youth Prospects on Instagram, a page dedicated to finding the best talent in the sport.

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Cameron Gauff

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Coco Gauff with family (Image Credit: BioWiki)

Cameron Gauff is only 9 years old and is the youngest of three siblings. He, too, is a student. Following in the footsteps of his athletic siblings, Coco and Codey Gauff, nine-year-old Cameron Gauff is making a name for himself in the world of football. This young prodigy plays on a team in Delray and has already achieved success in the American Youth Football League (AYFL), even claiming the AYFL Super Bowl title in 2022.

Keeping in touch with her brothers while balancing the hectic life of a pro athlete can get tough and Coco realizes that.

It is tough keeping in touch, especially with my brothers in general. Codey is 16. Sometimes he has a sister; sometimes he doesn't. Like, depends on when he wants me to exist because he's in his cool phase right now. The youngest one, he's 10. He doesn't want to talk for long. He's on the game or whatever.
she lovingly remarked at the 2024 Australian Open
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Coco Gauff with her parents

Elaborating on how these relationships keep her grounded everyday, Coco has some immensely insightful words to offer.

Those relationships are incredibly important to me, especially, you know, traveling a lot, being by yourself a lot. I'm lucky enough that I can have my parents come with me, and my family sometimes, but it just reminds me that I'm a person, reminds me that my value is more than how I do on the court. I think when I remind myself about those relationships I'm able to just play freer and know that I have people love me regardless of how I do.
Coco Gauff added

Although the Gauff siblings are all sufficiently young, they are all crafting legacies for themselves, straying away from conventional career choices. This not only showcases their freedom of thought but also the environment and the parenting of the Gauff parents that allow them to grow independently. Coco’s success sure sets precedence for her brothers who, although following in her footsteps are busy creating their own paths to lead.


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