“Get the f*** out”- Angry Nick Kyrgios gets unruly fan thrown out of the stadium

Recently crowned Grand Slam champion Nick Kyrgios got an unruly fan ejected from the stadium in the Australian Open doubles final.

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios

Despite Nick Kyrgios’ infamous temper tantrums dominating the conversation when he is being talked about, the Australian superstar is not one to suffer and passively watch injustice. Nick Kyrgios and his partner Thanasi Kokkinakis, famously termed as the “Special Ks”, ended their high octane and entertaining Australian Open men’s doubles campaign by clinching the title in front of the home crowd on Friday.

The duo celebrated wildly after their win in the final against the Australian duo of Max Purcell and Matthew Ebden, galvanizing the home crowd as the dynamic duo celebrated their title with the fans.

Angry Kyrgios gets fan ejected during the final

Nick Kyrgios/Thanasi Kokkinakis vs Matthew Ebden/Max Purcell
Nick Kyrgios/Thanasi Kokkinakis vs Matthew Ebden/Max Purcell

The final between Nick Kyrgios/Thanasi Kokkinakis and Max Purcell/Matthew Ebden was disrupted for some time after some fan trouble during the match. In the incident, which happened at the back end of the match, a fan was yelling out and causing distractions while Max Purcell was serving. As Purcell noticed this, he went over to the chair umpire to complain against the discussion, making the point that it would have been unfair if he had mis-hit his serve due to the distraction. The complainant was followed by an announcement to the audience by the chair umpire to maintain the decorum of the stadium and to refrain from causing any distraction, to which the fan in question seemed to apologize.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I think everybody is enjoying the match so please, one or two spectators are totally ruining the game by screaming,”– was the stadium announcement.

However, things heated up when the same fan, a young guy appearing to be in his 20s, again was heard shouting as Purcell prepared to serve again. This time, along with Purcell and Ebden, even Nick Kyrgios decided to get involved in the matter, losing his temper. The angry Aussie went over to the chair-umpire and demanded the fan to be immediately ejected from the stadium, gesticulating the same towards the stewards.

The Australian got his way as the stewards identified the man and got him and his friends thrown out from the stadium, with an outraged Kyrgios shouting “get the f*** out” towards the fan in question while it happened. “It should be a deterrent for everybody else,Lleyton Hewitt said in commentary for Channel Nine as the events unfolded.

In a press conference on Sunday morning, Max Purcell went to reiterate that while it is nice to see Australians coming to support them, but the crowd had to stay respectful. “There’s a line you don’t want to cross,”– said Purcell.

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