“He can get back into top 50, maybe even top 20,” Richard Krajicek makes bold prediction about Andy Murray’s future

Former World No.4 Richard Krajicek believes Andy Murray can return to his peak form if he remains injury-free.

andy murray
Andy Murray

After struggling with injuries in recent years, Andy Murray has been on the rise as of late and is showing glimpses of his form from the past which helped him win three Grand Slam titles. He started his 2022 season on a positive note with a runner-up finish at the ATP Sydney International. He followed this up with a second-round finish at the Australian Open. He also returned to the top-100 of the ATP rankings, his first time since 2018.

But the 2-time Olympic champion is yet to find his rhythm this season. Since his runner-up finish in Sydney, Murray faced second-round exits in all the tournaments he competed in. That said, this is the first time in nearly 3-years, Murray has played consecutive tournaments and is competing on par with some top players on the tour.

“What he has achieved in the toughest era in tennis is amazing”- Krajicek on Murray

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Former Wimbledon champion, Richard Krajicek felt Murray is making good progress on his return to the tour. Krajicek reckoned Murray’s excellent performance in Sydney is just the start and there is more to come from the Brit. He also claimed a return to top-50 or top-20 is not a far-fetched possibility considering the progress Murray has made till now.

He is playing fantastic and working really hard. I don’t know how good he is moving compared to how he used to move, but he looks to be in great shape. Now this year he has got to the finals of Sydney and ask what he can achieve. Can he get back into the top 50, can he maybe go into the top 20? I think maybe it is possible, but I don’t know how it is for him after he makes a good result for his body to come back and have a recovery,” Krajicek said in an interview with Tennis365.

Krajicek added that Murray can still defeat top players if he keeps his fitness issues at bay. He also said playing with a metal hip is a tough challenge for Murray, but he has already overcome many of those in his career, so his results now will be ‘surprising’ to say the least.

If he is rested well, he can beat most guys still. But if he wants to go to the top 20, he has to do that for 10 or 12 weeks of the year and I don’t know if his body can do that, but I take my hat off to him. I think he is a great person and a great competitor on the court. What he has achieved in the toughest era in tennis is amazing.

He still finds the desire and he likes the challenge. The challenge before was winning Slams, he won three of them. He won two Olympic goals, No 1 in the world. Now his challenge is with this metal hip. What is the best he can be with a metal hip? I think he is going to surprise you,” he added.

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