‘Did not know he was COVID positive’- Novak Djokovic’s mother makes shocking claims, ‘concerned’ about his deportation

Novak Djokovic's mother, Dijana, expresses her concern on Novak's deportation and says he didn't know about his positive PCR test until it was very late.

Dijana and Novak Djokovic
Dijana and Novak Djokovic

The Novak Djokovic visa debacle is growing with each passing hour. While some claim that the treatment towards Djokovic by the Australian government is very harsh, many have expressed concerns about his COVID inappropriate behavior. Djokovic was detained by the authorities on his arrival in Melbourne a few days back but he got his visa instated by the judge when he lodged an appeal in the judicial court.

It is assumed that Djokovic got the medical exemption on account of his positive PCR test dating December 16. But people all over the world are pointing out that Djokovic attended a public event a couple of days later and even posed with kids without wearing a mask.

In a statement earlier today, Djokovic clarified that he didn’t know the result of the PCR test until the day of the interview which he was supposed to do on December 18. And to avoid any last minute cancellations, he went ahead with the interview.

In an interview with an Australian news channel, Novak’s mother, Dijana Djokovic clarified that her son didn’t know he has tested positive during the interview and isolated himself as soon as he got the result.

“He did not know he was positive for Covid-19, probably. When he found out the result he isolated himself,” explained Dijana Djokovic on the 7News Sunrise breakfast program. “I don’t know anything, it is best to ask him,” she added referring to the details about the positive PCR test.

‘You can not pursue him to get vaccinated’: Dijana Djokovic

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

In the same interview, Dijana expressed her constant concern about Novak getting deported as everyone seems to have an agenda against him. She also said that she prays for him to stay and compete in Australia.

“Don’t throw him out, he is a tennis player, he is not politician, he is not a criminal. I am very concerned about the deportation. The newspapers say they want to deport him. I pray for him to stay in Australia and play,” she said.

She was also questioned about Novak got getting vaccinated to which she said that it is his choice. She added that the authorities can do a PCR test if they want everyday and that if he’s healthy, there should be no problem whether he’s vaccinated or not.

“I do not know what the problem is. It is his choice. You can not pursue him to do it. Do a PCR every day or whatever you want, and then you will see that he is healthy. What is the problem,” she said.

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