“It’s disgusting behaviour,”- Jelena Dokic speaks out against body shamers in her Instagram post

“It’s disgusting behaviour,”- Jelena Dokic speaks out against body shamers in her Instagram post

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Former Australian tennis player Jelena Dokic took to Instagram to publicly call out trolls who have been body-shaming her lately. This is the second time Dokic faced such a situation. During the Australian Open last year as well, she said she was forced to endure comments about her gaining weight post-lockdown.


She wrote, “I can’t believe I have to address this again! I am being body-shamed again and I am seeing comments and even articles about my weight and appearance. It’s disgusting behaviour.”

Dokic mentioned that this wasn’t the first time she received such comments and she is strong enough to not let such stupid comments bother her. She also said photoshopped images which make her look bigger have been circulating around the internet.

Images that are photoshopped to make me look bigger- Dokic

“I get comments like, why are you so fat? Or, you are unrecognisable? And my favourite is, what happened to you?”


“I am strong, I can take it and I don’t care about you but I will call it out. By doing this you might be doing damage and hurting someone else out there that you know nothing about and you have no idea what they might be going through,” she said.

“I am also seeing images that are photoshopped to make me look bigger and you can clearly see how my head is so disproportionate to my body,” she said.

The former tennis ace has been pretty vocal about her battle with depression and anxiety and speaks regularly about body positivity and mental health and also took a break from social media last year.

Dokic published an autobiography after retiring from tennis, in which she mentioned she had suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of her father and has struggled with mental health issues ever since.


She concluded the post by thanking the people who have supported her. “As always to the 99 percent of you that support me so much, thank you. It means the world to me and I love you all.”

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