“A Wimbledon final beckons” Paul McNamee feels Nick Kyrgios has a golden opportunity despite all his demons

“A Wimbledon final beckons” Paul McNamee feels Nick Kyrgios has a golden opportunity despite all his demons

Paul McNamee, Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is symbolic of tantrums, drama, and arguments, but he is also one of the most talented tennis players ever. He burst onto the scene as a 19-year-old and entered the quarterfinal of Wimbledon 2014 by taking down Rafael Nadal. But he was never able to achieve that same success due to his casual attitude, inconsistency, and many other demons until now. Kyrgios had claimed many times that his best chance to win a Grand Slam is at Wimbledon and despite all his obstacles, it looks like the time has come.

Wimbledon banned the Russian and Belarusian player’s participation due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the pre-tournament favorite in Kyrgios’s draw Matteo Berrettini pulled out due to CoVID. All of these factors combined along with Kyrgios’s great form this grass season and culminated to propel the controversial Aussie to his career-best Grand Slam performance as he reached the semifinal at Wimbledon 2022. He will face Rafael Nadal for the third time on grass and given Rafa’s shaky physical condition in his quarterfinal match, Kyrgios is looking at a Wimbledon final.


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Nick Kyrgios gets the approval of Paul McNamee as the Aussie eats his previous words on Kyrgios.

 Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios in his quarterfinal match at Wimbledon 2022

Paul McNamee, the former world number 1 in doubles and a fellow Aussie has tweeted about this golden opportunity for Nick Kyrgios. He wrote: “It’s easy to take cheap shots at Nick Kyrgios, but in the face of his self admitted demons, & deplorable timing for a court summons to be served on him (why oh why couldn’t it wait until next week?), he rules the hearts of under 30’s worldwide, & a Wimbledon final surely beckons”

McNamee had previously called Nick a walking talking time bomb. He had written: “Nick Kyrgios is a walking talking time bomb…. but can he play!” Looks like McNamee has shifted his stance a little bit on Kyrgios as he believes that Nick is a person the young people of the generation look up to. Kyrgios would be a slight favorite taking the court against Rafa on Friday and it seems like this has been a long time coming for Kyrgios but he looks set for a Wimbledon final.


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