Andre Agassi once disclosed his ‘violent’ father used to knock people unconscious and carried a pistol in the car

Andre Agassi opens up about his father's violent past and shocking behavior

Andre Agassi once disclosed his ‘violent’ father used to knock people unconscious and carried a pistol in the car

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It was a shock when a legend of the sport, Andre Agassi, once told the world that he hated tennis. Andre Agassi is an Olympic gold medalist and former world No.1 tennis player. He admitted that the only reason for him to become a professional tennis player was his father Emmanual Agassi who forced him to take it up. “The real tragedy in my decline was happening during my success,”, Andre Agassi once said this.

Andre Agassi knew he was good at tennis but it was only leading to his downfall. He admitted to using crystal meth. He was only harming himself by forcefully playing the sport.

When asked about how it felt like to retire, Andre Agassi replied, ”Free. I was liberated. I never missed tennis. I never liked the competition. I never liked the pressure I put on myself. I never liked that I couldn’t be perfect at it. It felt like I had been created to never be satisfied. I resented how bad losing felt and how not good winning felt. It was never balanced. I could not escape this. When I retired, it was like the day I cut off my hair.”

Andre’s reason for playing tennis was his father. He spoke about his father and how his father impacted his life. Andre Agassi talked about his father being a very violent man and having a very bad temper. He told that his father used to carry an axe handle in the car and sometimes even had a pistol. He admitted to being present at the time when his father used to actually knock people out over some random stupid arguments.

Andre commented on his unusual relationship with his father. He told the story about what happened during his last US Open, in 2006. His father told him to quit tennis as it was only making Andre Agassi suffer. Andre understood that even his father started feeling resentment towards the game and has an idea about what it has taken from them. Andre Agassi even said that his father had always been proud of him despite being a highly critical parent.

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Andre Agassi on experimenting with Artificial hair

Andre Agassi
Andre Agassi (Image via AFH)

Andre Agassi admitted that during his run as a professional player, he was afraid that his hair might fall off. Andre Agassi also came clear that his signature fluffy mullet hairstyle was fake and indeed a hairpiece.

He was embarrassed and later Brooke Shields told him to shave his head.“I lived with a hairpiece for a long time and then eventually, just got exhausted with the preoccupation with all of it. At the time, my soon-to-be wife told me to get rid of it and cut it off. When a supermodel tells you you are still good-looking with it gone, it gives you confidence.” said Agassi.

Andre Agassi expressed that now he would not even take hair even if it was given to him. He was under a lot of media pressure in his early career and was a victim of it. He wanted to impress and was scared of failure. Andre Agassi is proud that he has grown as a person.

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