Andrea Petkovic believes Novak Djokovic has entered his ‘VILLAIN ERA’ as bust ups with crowds increase

Novak Djokovic's occasional bust-ups with the crowd have prompted Andrea Petkovic to claim that the Serb has entered the 'villain era'.

Andrea Petkovic believes Novak Djokovic has entered his ‘VILLAIN ERA’ as bust ups with crowds increase

Andrea Petkovic (L) and Novak Djokovic (R) (via X and Tennis World USA)

Novak Djokovic has yet again displayed unparalleled form this season. The Serbian tennis star clinched three out of four Grand Slam singles titles. However, his victories don’t always conclude without occasionally stirring up mild controversies due to his ‘cocky’ on-court attitude.

Subsequently, Nole has been frequently witnessed displaying a hostile attitude towards crowds which prompted former German tennis professional Andrea Petkovic to claim that the Serb has entered the “villain era”.


While talking on the Rennae Stubbs podcast, the 36-year-old condoned Nole’s bust-up with crowds. She conveyed her unequivocal support for the Serb’s outbursts at crowds and claimed him taking over the ‘villain’ role. Here is what she had to say:

Seeing Novak Djokovic enter the villain era is everything I ever wanted from him. I always wanted him to take on this role and make fun of everyone, saying, 'I'm so much better than everyone and I'm going to make it my own.

Andrea Petkovic further expressed her elation and went on to laud Novak Djokovic for displaying a controversial form as such. It is worth noting that the 36-year-old made headlines when he blew kisses to spectators after being booed at the 2023 Davis Cup. She added:

I'm going to shout at the audience. I'm going to blow kisses to people who try to bother me and I'm going to win everything.' That's all I ever wanted from him. So I am very happy. He enters the era of villains.

Andrea Petkovic announced her retirement last season after she bowed out to Belinda Bencic in the opening round of the 2022 US Open. The former World No. 9 achieved the feat of becoming the first German woman since Stefanie Graf to rank under the Top 10 in 2011.


Novak Djokovic to return to the 2024 Australian Open as top seed

Serbian Novak Djokovic recently added another sparkle to his list of achievements after he won the 2023 ATP Finals and with it, became the year-end World No. 1.

Novak Djokovic

The Serb is expected to deliver promising results yet again at the upcoming Australian Open which has proved to be his favorable hunting ground. Nole clinched this season’s Melbourne Slam for a record extending 10 times and will potentially be aiming to further that feat.

The Australian hardcourt swing is scheduled to blow the whistle on 31 December, starting with the Australian Open warm-up event, Brisbane International. The tournament will run its course till 7 January after which the season’s first Grand Slam will follow. Djokovic will enter the hardcourt campaign as top seed in both tournaments.


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