Andy Murray addresses Serena Williams like retirement rumors at Wimbledon as home Major approaches

Andy Murray not considering retirement anytime soon.

Andy Murray addresses Serena Williams like retirement rumors at Wimbledon as home Major approaches

Andy Murray (Image via The Indian Express)

It’s Wimbledon time, and the chants of ‘Let’s go Andy’ are right for the taking. The man who brought the home crowd a 77-year-long awaited Wimbledon trophy is going to be back in action. A rejuvenated Andy Murray after winning back-to-back Challenger events on the grass will be taking the court with the crowd behind him.

The Brit did lose to Alex De Minaur in the first round at Queen’s, however, Murray was very clear about not overreacting to the situation. However, as he is advancing in age, the age-old question of retirement arises from time to time. But Andy has given an extremely positive statement for his fans this time around.


After two massive hip surgeries and an almost emotional farewell at the Australian Open in 2019, the Brit fought his way back on the tour. The troublesome hip did see him drop from 1 to 838. But Murray crawled back and reached the top 40. 2023 by far has been his best year after the return as he has won 3 titles. When asked about when he plans his retirement, Murray had an optimistic answer ready.

” I wouldn’t try to come back from another operation or major surgery again so I want to keep playing a bit longer. I know it’s not going to be going on forever but I have an idea of when I would like to finish and it’s not this year’s Wimbledon.” The Brit has made his fans super happy as he has promised them at least another ATP calendar appearance for now. He feels fresh after the success this year and wouldn’t want to leave this momentum so easily heading into the Championships.

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There is no right or wrong way of retiring believes Murray

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Andy Murray, Serena Williams and Roger Federer (Image via The Independent and Daily Express)

Andy Murray has given his views on the ideal retirement. The Brit feels that retirement should be left up to the individual and should not be enforced or demanded. He feels every way of retirement is fair and nothing is wrong in any way. Murray gave the example of two of his arch rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. He also mentioned former mixed doubles partner Serena Williams.

“There’s no right or wrong way of finishing your career and it’s always a really difficult one for athletes. Lots of people would have said the best way for Roger Federer to finish would have been at Wimbledon but I thought the way that he finished his career on the doubles court with Rafa (Nadal) surrounded by some of the greats of the game was brilliant. The way Rafa wants to go about it is up to him and Serena (Williams) finished at the US Open after a great run. There’s never one way of doing it. It’s whatever’s right for the individual.”

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