Andy Murray’s sudden rise to stardom and Wimbledon debut was a ‘baptism of fire’ for the family claims Judy Murray

Judy Murray talks of the struggles of being successful in the sport.

Andy Murray’s sudden rise to stardom and Wimbledon debut was a ‘baptism of fire’ for the family claims Judy Murray

Judy Murray with sons Andy and Jamie Murray(Image via Daily Mail)

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray’s mother Judy Murray revealed that her son’s rise in the tennis world was a ‘baptism of fire’ for their whole family. The Scot is admired by the whole tennis world. He is considered a part of the Big 4 alongside greats like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. The Big 4 have a staggering 69 Grand Slam titles between them. However, all this experience and fame comes at a price according to the Former World No.1’s mother. “It’s not an easy life, and it is actually exhausting. One of the toughest things to learn to deal with, without question, is being in the public eye, “ she said.


According to Judy Murray, excelling in the sport is not all roses and rainbows. She revealed that these achievements by her son took a toll on all the members of her family. Although, Andy is not her only son successful in the sport. Andy Murray’s brother Jamie Murray is quite the torchbearer in doubles tennis. He reached a career-high ranking of World No.1 in the doubles category in 2016. He has seven Grand Slam titles himself in the doubles and mixed doubles categories combined. With all these pioneers in her family, Judy Murray said that it was a bit difficult for her family to cope with the press.

“That week in 2005 when Andy went to Wimbledon was really a baptism of fire for all of us. Suddenly we had paparazzi outside the little flat we were staying in, we were being followed and doorstepped, ” she said. However, she also acknowledged that this extra attention was part and parcel of success in the sport. “I’m definitely a grin-and-bear-it person, “ she said as she admitted that she was used to taking everything with a smile.

However, she also said that it was a rude awakening when she realized that she needed time for herself to recharge. “But you know, you do realize you need time for yourself to clear your head, recharge, and get back on it again,” she said. While the older Murray seemed glad that both of her sons achieved great success in her sport, she also said that this success comes with a pinch of salt. While the achievements were good for her sons, she said their family struggled a lot mentally during this period of early achievement.


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Judy Murray reveals that she would like to move on to Golf

Andy Murray’s mother Judy Murray played a major role in kickstarting the Scot’s stellar career. She was not just a mother, but also a popular tennis coach. However, she revealed that she has hung up the racket on her coaching career and has taken up another sport, golf.

“About a year and a half ago, I took up golf,” she said happily. She also revealed that this is a hobby that she really enjoyed. However, she was quick to reply that she was not really good at it.

Image credits: Sheer Luxe

At the age of 64, the Scotswoman has earned the right to hang up her racket.


Judy was initially a coach to both of her sons before handing them over to professional coaches. She instilled the seed of the sport in both of them. Today, both of them are two of the more successful players on the tour, Andy in singles and Jamie in doubles. This shows that Judy has indeed earned the right to hang up her racket and pick up a hobby, in her case, golf.

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