Andy Roddick cautions Emma Raducanu on her scheduling before the 2024 Australian Open ahead of her much anticipated comeback

Emma Raducanu recently withdrew from her comeback event in Macau having earlier signed up for the exhibition tournament.

Andy Roddick cautions Emma Raducanu on her scheduling before the 2024 Australian Open ahead of her much anticipated comeback

Andy Roddick (L), Emma Raducanu (R) (Sources: Sportscasting, NBC Sports)

Ever since winning her maiden Grand Slam at the 2021 US Open, British tennis player Emma Raducanu has suffered a number of injuries. She played a little over 10 matches in 2023 and had surgeries on both her wrists and one of her ankles that kept her away from the court for almost the entirety of the season. In May, Raducanu announced that she would be out for the next few months but it ultimately kept her out for the entire year. Recurring injuries have plagued the career of the 21-year-old.


Emma Raducanu is finally set to make a much-awaited comeback in the 2024 Australian Open. She appeared in the tournament this year as well, where she got eliminated by Coco Gauff in the second round. Former American tennis player Andy Roddick is concerned about the youngster’s comeback, as he believes that it won’t be smart for her to directly return to the court at the Australian Open. Playing a couple of tournaments (at least one) before heading on to the Grand Slam would be the ideal decision for her, according to the 2003 US Open winner. 

"I know one thing that has to happen if she's going to go start playing a Slam in Australia, she's going to have to play something before. There's going to have to be a 250, I would even like to see her play two events in the lead-up, because there's just nothing guaranteed. You want those matches. So I’d be curious to see if, in the next 10 days, two weeks, we hear anything else about her intended schedule,"  
Roddick said speaking with Betway.

Emma Raducanu’s career has seen a downward trajectory ever since she won the 2021 US Open. The player has even said that she sometimes wishes that she hadn’t won the Grand Slam because pressure and expectation on her increased tenfold following that. The youngster struggled mentally due to this. 

Andy Roddick comments on Emma Raducanu withdrawing from her comeback event 

Emma Raducanu was set to make her much-awaited comeback in the 2023 Macau Tennis Masters which is an exhibition event. The organizers wanted the player to commit to the event so that they would have ample time to find her replacement if she could not.

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu (Source: Sky Sports)
“That’s always an awkward time to play an exhibition event. I liked playing them right after the season ends or right before the season begins because it gives you more uninterrupted training,”   
added Roddick further.

Emma was still recovering from her injury and could not guarantee her appearance. Thus, she opted to withdraw. He said that it was either a fitness issue or Emma’s training was going on so well that her team did not want to risk hampering it just for the sake of an exhibition tournament. Raducanu is focused on the 2024 Australian Open as of now. 

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