“Seeing something that the rest of the earth isn’t,” Andy Roddick expresses his confusion over Rafael Nadal and Billie Jean King’s support spearheading Saudi initiatives in tennis

Andy Roddick also spoke about the mismanagement around WTA Finals.

“Seeing something that the rest of the earth isn’t,” Andy Roddick expresses his confusion over Rafael Nadal and Billie Jean King’s support spearheading Saudi initiatives in tennis

Billie Jean King, Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal (Images via Imago)

Former American tennis ace Andy Roddick shared his views about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in tennis. The American also expressed confusion at Rafael Nadal and Billie Jean King showing their unwavering support for the initiatives taken by the Saudi Arabia Tennis Federation.


Roddick says he cannot think of two more reputable spokespeople for the sport and their supporting the initiatives indicates that they are seeing something others cannot. However, the American also fears that it is not too late before everyone finds out what is wrong.

I can’t think of two more reputable, credible, and talented spokespeople for the game. So maybe they’re seeing something that the rest of the earth isn't, and maybe they can affect it, but I’m afraid that we won’t know that until it’s too late, and it’s hard to say that I hope their eyes are wide open.
Andy Roddick said on his podcast Served with Andy Roddick.

It is worth mentioning that Rafael Nadal and Billie Jean Kings have supported moving the sport to the Middle-Eastern country despite concerns over human rights. While Nadal recently signed as the brand ambassador for the Saudi Arabia Tennis Federation, King openly supported moving the WTA Finals to Saudi Arabia.

The legend of the game said the partnership between WTA and Saudi Arabia would be beneficial for both parties. She openly admitted that WTA needs the money Saudi Arabia has to offer.


What does Andy Roddick think about moving WTA Finals to Saudi Arabia?

Andy Roddick also talked about the mismanagement around the WTA Finals. The American said that the WTA has let down the players by not finding a suitable venue for the year-ending championships. Roddick feels the tournament has been underrepresented due to the lack of planning from WTA.

Andy Roddick
Andy Roddick (Credits: International Tennis Hall of Fame)

Andy Roddick feels WTA leaving the venue decision at the last minute has caused this issue. While Roddick did not directly address the talks around moving the WTA Finals to Saudi Arabia, he looked worried about the future of the tournament.

The WTA Finals since they took that stance against China have been a dumpster fire. They put it on at the last minute in Dallas a couple of years ago. They’re doing a disservice to the product that these women are putting out by being unorganized, maybe unorganized is an unfair term—but by being reactionary and waiting till the last minute.
Andy Roddick said.
The Finals have been underrepresented on a global scale for the last couple of years. It’s gone about as badly as it could go as far as putting together an organized, cohesive event that is a celebration of the kind of best of the year.
The American star added.

Although many have spoken against it, the WTA is close to inking a deal with Saudi Arabia to host the year-ending championships. According to reports, the WTA is still deciding on the venue for the WTA Finals. It is to be seen if the WTA will move the prestigious tournament to the Middle-Eastern country or if public pressure will get the best of the authorities yet again.

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