WATCH: Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa shows off their dance moves ahead of doubles match at World Tennis League

Sabalenka and Badosa have been very close friends for a long time.

WATCH: Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa shows off their dance moves ahead of doubles match at World Tennis League

Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa dance (Source: screengrab/X)

Aryna Sabalenka and Paula Badosa gave Team Kites a massive boost in the first match of the ongoing World Tennis League as they defeated Mirra Andreeva and Sofia Kenin of Team Eagles 6-3. Team Kites eventually went on to win their match against the Team Eagles and have thus been off to a victorious start in the tournament. 

Sabalenka and Badosa have been close friends for a very long time and this definitely adds to the chemistry of Team Kites. In fact, they did a special dance of their own ahead of their women’s doubles bout. Apart from them, Badosa’s boyfriend Stefanos Tsitsipas and Bulgarian player Grigor Dimitrov are also a part of Team Kites. Team Eagles, who they defeated, are led by captain Daniil Medvedev and have Andrey Rublev, Mirra Andreeva, and Sofia Kenin. 

Badosa is of the opinion that the chemistry that she shares with Sabalenka is what led to their victory. She called the Belarusian, her closest friend and said she gets inspired by Sabalenka. In return, Aryna Sabalenka also said that Paula Badosa is the best, and that she is lucky to have her by her side. 

Doubles is all about connection. With Aryna you can see we have it. And also being by her side, I always say I learn a lot from her. She inspires me. And I can get to say she’s my closest friend
Paula Badosa said post game

Viewers also got to witness a little dance from this duo during the inaugural match.

Paula Badosa made her comeback in the in the World Tennis League

Badosa’s 2023 season was ridden with injuries. She suffered a lot due to her back injury this season and as a result, her performance was poor as well. Thus, she decided to end her season early, ahead of the US Open, to properly recover from the injury.

Paula Badosa
Paula Badosa (Source: Tennis World USA)
After struggling for many months to compete again, I am ending my season. Those of you who know me know how much I like to compete and how difficult it has been to make this decision
Badosa, via her social media post back then

She finally made her comeback months later in the 2023 World Tennis Championship. Although this is not an ATP/WTA affiliated tournament, her official comeback is set to take place at the 2023–24 Brisbane International. Badosa is looking to take part in the Australian Open in the bigger picture, though. 

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