“Because he is young doesn’t mean they are alike” Andrey Rublev dismisses Carlos Alcaraz’s comparison with Rafael Nadal

Andrey Rublev opens up on the new tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz and his comparisons made with Rafael Nadal.

Andrey Rublev, Carlos Alcaraz, Rafael Nadal
Andrey Rublev, Carlos Alcaraz, Rafael Nadal

As everyone is gearing up for the most prestigious 2nd Grand Slam of the year the French Open 2022, Andrey Rublev talks about the new tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz in a recent interview. He also opens up about his preparation heading to the French Open this year.

Alcaraz who has won five ATP Tour singles titles, including two Masters 1000 titles, and generated his best Grand Slam performance at the 2021 US Open by reaching the quarterfinals before bowing out and now turning up for Roland Garros has made the people to compare him with Rafa.

Andrey when asked about the comparisons between Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal and their game style expressed his thoughts on the whole thing. And expressed his concerns for Alcaraz about the external pressure that is being created on him through these comparisons.

On the one hand, it is wrong to compare, because all tennis players are different physically, technically, mentally, externally. On the other hand, all the same, there will always be comparisons in sports, and there is no way without it. I don’t like to compare. I can only highlight that Nadal and Alcaraz are both Spaniards and both play with the Babolat racket.

“Their style of play is still different. Just because he’s young and already in the top 10, like Nadal was, doesn’t mean they’re alike. There was another time when Nadal did it,” said Rublev as reported by Match TV Russia.

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“Generations cannot be compared,” says Andrey Rublev

Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz
Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz

After opening up and expressing his views on the comparisons talk between Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz he added the issue is being far fetched and will not be helpful for both the players and their teams.

Carlos and Rublev haven’t played against each other and will be great to see if they meet in the Roland Garros. They do have a shared court with each other once in a tournament as a practice session.

Generations cannot be compared. If they were still the same age and always walked together, but one fired and the other fell short, then you can compare and answer why this happened. And such people from different generations with different styles of play cannot be compared.” added Rublev further.

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