Billie Jean King appeals to bring back imprisoned Marines veteran Paul Whelan from Russia citing Brittney Griner’s example

Billie Jean King appeals to bring back imprisoned Marines veteran Paul Whelan from Russia citing Brittney Griner’s example

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Former American tennis player, Billie Jean King is one of the most influential players who has left millions inspired in her career that lasted over three decades. She was ecstatic with the release of Brittney Griner from the Russian prison. With the release of WNBA player, Jean King wishes that imprisoned US Marines veteran should be the next person to be brought back home.

She has always advocated for issues of gender equality and is a pioneer in fighting for equal rights for the LGBTQ community. She even received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the year 2009 for her contribution to supporting the trans community. That’s not all, she is also the founder member of the Women’s Tennis Association and the famous Billie Jean King Cup tournament is named after her.

Griner was caught at one of the airports in Russia for carrying illegal drugs and faced a severe punishment of up to 9 years. She went on to say that it was quite a joyous day as Griner has been brought back but the release of US Marines veteran Paul Whelan who has been imprisoned in the Russian prison since 2018 should be focussed next. She extended her thoughts to Whelan’s family and friends who have been waiting for any sort of positive news.

A truly joyous day for Brittney Griner, but Paul Whelan, a US Marine veteran, remains imprisoned in Russia, where he’s been since 2018. Let’s focus our attention on bringing Paul home next. My thoughts are with his family and friends,” said Billie Jean King in her post on Twitter.

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Billie Jean King was overwhelmed by the release of Brittney Griner from the Russian prison

Billie Jean King
Billie Jean King

She is one of the many relieved Americans after the news of Brittney Griner‘s release was confirmed. After a long battle, the government was successful in bringing her back home on a 1-on-1 exchange with both being allowed to return to their respective homes. She went on to thank US President Joe Biden and his government for successfully bringing back the basketball player after 294 days of wait.

She has been actively involved in various issues in tennis by sharing her honest and unbiased opinions without fail. Billie Jean King has always promoted both gender and racial equality in all spheres through her charity and her work over the years. She went on to recall the first Black woman that had been elected to the United States Congress which paved the way for many more Black women to aspire in the field of politics.

The 78-year-old has also founded a charitable organization that is dedicated to promoting sports amongst women and girls called the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF). It helps to make girls’ and women’s lives better through their active involvement in sports.

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