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“Booing fuels Novak Djokovic” John Mcenroe warns the french crowd ahead of his match against Rafael Nadal

John McEnroe warned the french crowd not to mess with Novak Djokovic by booing at him because that will only fuel his game.

Novak Djokovic and John McEnroe

John Mcenroe finally voiced his opinion on the crowd booing at Novak Djokovic in his fourth-round match at the Roland Garros 2022. The world No.1 received an unusual reception while entering the court during his fourth-round match against Diego Schwartzman.

Novak Djokovic was both booed and cheered by the crowd. Although, there was no apparent reason for booing at him considering his performance, his nature, and his behavior.

Sometimes such audible criticism during the match could hurt a player and he could end up losing concentration on the match. Which could very well result in him losing the match. But Novak Djokovic thrives under pressure and just like McEnroe said the booing will only fuel him to win those matches.

McEnroe who hasn’t voiced his opinion on the booing yet, finally came out defending the world No.1. Djokovic who has received a fair share of criticism throughout his career has gotten used to the noise and now he only uses it to fuel his motivation and converts that into unbelievable performances.

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John McEnroe comes to Novak Djokovic’s aid

John McEnroe and Novak Djokovic

John Mcenroe said that Novak Djokovic feeds on negativity better than anyone else in the world. Djokovic has been a bit controversial figure when you compare him with the other two-thirds of the big three. He has often been in situations where people wanted him to lose big matches and criticize him. But he has only used those things to amp up his game and perform brilliantly.

McEnroe says, “He does it better than anyone I’ve ever seen. I didn’t do it as well. I felt like it affected me more than it helped me. I think there were times when it fuelled me, but he has done it consistently. He’s a remarkable player and person.”

McEnroe gave a fair warning to the french crowd who will be supporting the 13-time french open winner Rafael Nadal. If they booed at the world No.1 then it is only going to fuel his performance and not serve the purpose they wanted.

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