“He’s a real fighter and a hothead,” Coach Boris Becker ready to see Holger Rune pay big fines as he praises the Dane’s youngster

Holger Rune will take on Novak Djokovic in his first match of the 2023 ATP Masters.

“He’s a real fighter and a hothead,” Coach Boris Becker ready to see Holger Rune pay big fines as he praises the Dane’s youngster

Holger Rune (L), Boris Becker (R) (Sources: Eurosport/X)

One of the biggest attributes of Danish tennis player Holger Rune is the passion and aggression that he shows in every game. He has been termed a ‘hothead’ by many players, and recently, Stan Wawrinka also said that Rune is building a reputation in the locker room that he will one day regret. 


However, Holger Rune’s new coach, Boris Becker, has revealed that he loves this particular aspect of Holger Rune as he sees himself in the youngster. However, he also added that although he likes Rune’s passion, he might have to pay big fines pretty often for it.

I like strong personalities. I think tennis needs players with character who express their emotions. If it involves the public or the referee, it’s a good thing. If Holger does not follow the rules, he will pay a fine, as was the case with me. The worst that can happen in the world of tennis is to have players who are silent all the time.

Boris Becker said via WeLoveTennis

Boris Becker opined that tennis fans want entertainment, and that is not just limited to playing the game well. Aggression and passion on the pitch lead to more intense matches, which the fans love even more.

Boris Becker admitted that he himself was an aggressive player, and thus he can actually see himself in Rune. Thus, he loves his aggression on the court as well. 


Boris Becker concluded:

Holger, I like his aggression. I was an aggressive player myself. I also like the way he expresses himself on the court, he's a real fighter, a hothead. He tries the impossible sometimes. And then there's his visceral passion for the game. No one needs to beg him to practice. It's easier for a coach. To be very good, you also have to be a little crazy, you know. 

Holger Rune has had to face consequences for his on-court aggression in the past

Back in the 2021 Biella Challenger in Italy, Holger Rune was playing against Tomas Martin Etcheverry from Argentina in the semifinals. The Danish got really angry during the match and were heard yelling gay slurs at the Argentine multiple times.

You are playing like a faggot ass
One of those many remarks. 
Holger Rune
Holger Rune (Image via: Open source)

He was fined 1500 euros by ATP for his actions, which sums up to about 24% of the prize money that he received for winning the Biella Challenger. However, the backlash that he had to face from the fans was far more severe. Holger Rune issued a public apology on television and Instagram. 

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