Boris Becker shows sympathy with Alexander Zverev for constant DISRESPECT by critics and fans, believes his career peak is yet to come

Boris Becker claims that Alexander Zverev's father is the best guide for the German.

Boris Becker shows sympathy with Alexander Zverev for constant DISRESPECT by critics and fans, believes his career peak is yet to come

Alexander Zverev, Boris Becker (Images via Tennis Infinity, Fox59)

Former German tennis ace Boris Becker who worked with Novak Djokovic for a long time sympathizes with Alexander Zverev and has claimed that the German does not get the respect he deserves. Boris also called out Zverev’s critics for constantly disrespecting the 26-year-old who works hard to prove his worth in every game. 

As the 2023 season came to an end with the 2023 ATP Finals and the new season yet to kick off, Becker claimed that Alexander Zverev’s peak is yet to come and the German’s father is the right person to guide him to achieve it. Becker, who happens to be another future star- Holger Rune’s coach feels Alexander Zverev should get more respect. 

He plays with the motivation that comes from feeling undervalued, he wants to demonstrate that his best level is yet to come. I think he doesn't get the respect he deserves from the experts in the sport and I think his father is the right person to direct his career.
Boris Becker said to Eurosport. (H/T: Daily Express).

How did Alexander Zverev perform in 2023?

Alexander Zverev blew hot and cold in the 2023 season considering he made it to a few finals, and a couple of semifinals, and also won two singles titles. The German’s year did not start as planned. He bowed out from the tournament after losing to Michel Mmoh in the second round. He had a couple of more early exits.

Alexander Zverev USO
Alexander Zverev (Image via US Open)

Nevertheless, the 26-year-old got his act together to qualify for the semifinals in Dubai. But Zverev was once again hit with poor form as he could not make it to even quarterfinals in six consecutive tournaments. However, the German did not let the string of poor performances as he made it to the semifinal for the second consecutive year at Roland Garros.

Although he was defeated by Casper Ruud, the German took the confidence into the following tournaments and eventually secured the first singles title for himself at his home- Hamburg. Zverev then reached the semifinals in Cincinnati and also made it to the quarterfinals at the 2023 US Open. Although he could not go past that stage at the Flushing Meadows, Zverev started the Asian Swing with a title in Chengdu.


These two titles and a some good showing at the two Grand Slams helped Zverev secure a spot in the 2023 ATP Finals where he won two of the three matches in the group stage. Now, as the new season kicks off, Zverev will represent Germany at the United Cup and will hope to leave a big impact.

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