Brett Connors compares how Boris Becker is helpful for Holger Rune instead of Patrick Mouratoglou who never played at the Grand Slams

Brett Connors feels that Boris Becker and Holger Rune can form an unformidable force in the tennis industry.

Brett Connors compares how Boris Becker is helpful for Holger Rune instead of Patrick Mouratoglou who never played at the Grand Slams

(L-R) Boris Becker, Holger Rune and Patrick Mouratoglou. (credits: Sky Sports,

There has been a lot of fuss about Holger Rune and his new style of play, which has been hugely provoked by new coach and former legend Boris Becker

After the disappointing split between Patrick Mouratoglou and Rune a few months ago, there were doubts regarding how the Danish star would fare without the French mentor, but according to many, he is now in better hands. 


Recently, Holger Rune was featured in the Advantage Connors podcast, which is hosted primarily by Jimmy Connors and his son Brett Connors. While the moderators asked questions about Mouratoglou, Brett Connors went on to spot the differences in the style and approach of the two different coaches. Brett hugely speculated about the complex situation that might have taken place between Rune and Patrick while they were together. 

Brett also feels that Becker is the right man for a rising tennis sensation like Rune and that, having had on-court experience, Rune can look up to someone like him. 

Brett Connors said:

Boris Becker knows what it’s like to be in this position. When Patrick Mouratoglou said something to Rune, and it didn't work, Holger had to look at him and say: 'How do you know, you've never been in these situations. 

Not only by means of play styles, Rune can also go on to learn a thing or two about dealing with pressure and handling success after a certain age, which Becker has done in the past. 

Continuing further, he added:

You were certainly not a contender to win a Grand Slam. Boris burst onto the big stage when he was 16 or 17 years old. So he can give him an idea of what it's like to be a young man and have all this success and pressure at such a young age.

Boris Becker opened up about coaching Holger Rune

Boris Becker last coached Novak Djokovic six years ago, and since then he has not been associated with coaching. Becker had a tough last few years being affiliated with the wrong reasons and after his release from prison last year. 


After Rune decided to put his trust in the German legend, Becker was left in joy to help a promising prospect like him.

Boris Becker and Holger Rune during a practice session. (credits: Tennis Actu)

Becker said:

It makes me a little proud that he asked me. The contact has existed for a long time. Now it was a very good fit. My calendar allows it and I have always been interested in Holger because he is on the tennis court with so much commitment and temperament.

Becker spoke about how he and Rune had been trying to get into cooperation with one another for quite a while, but the partnership finally happening left Becker in joy. Becker also revealed that Rune is someone who leaves a whole lot of commitment on the court, and he would love to coach someone like him.


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