Brooke Shields dejectedly recollects how ex-husband Andre Agassi turned abusive over a controversial scene in ‘Friends’

Throwback to the time when Andre Agassi broke all of his trophies after seeing a controversial scene of his then-girlfriend Brooke Shields in the popular sitcom 'Friends'.

Andre Agassi with Brooke Shields
Andre Agassi with Brooke Shields

Andre Agassi, the 52-year-old American former tennis professional is widely regarded as one of the best tennis players of his time. With 8 grand slam titles to his name, Agassi etched his name among the all-time greats of tennis. Throughout his career, Agassi has achieved so much but he has also been surrounded by controversies here and there.

One such incident from Agassi’s life that shook the tennis world was when he threw a fit of rage over a scene in the popular show ‘Friends’. Back when Andre Agassi was in a relationship with American actress Brooke Shields, the American professional destroyed every single trophy that he ad won in his career over a scene of Shields in ‘Friends’.

Agassi was present in the shooting of the episode which featured Brooke Shields. Talking about the moment, he said, “Of course I’ve watched Brooke kiss men onstage before. […] This is different. This is over the line. I don’t pretend to know where the line is, but hand licking is definitely over it.”

Agassi then talked to Shields on the phone and threw a fit of rage where he destroyed all of his accolades. He said, “Hour later I open my eyes. I survey the damage as if someone else is responsible — and it’s true. It was someone else. The someone who does half the [expletive] I do.”

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Andre Agassi was one of the legends to pay tribute to retiring Roger Federer

Andre Agassi
Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi, one of the best players of his time shared the courts with some of the best players of all time. With Roger Federer’s recent retirement, Agassi took to Twitter to share a wholesome message paying tribute to the Swiss legend’s iconic career.

Agassi posted on Twitter saying, Your game and spirit taught us how beautiful tennis can be played, “Every moment you shared has left us all better off. Thank you, RF.

Many other stars like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Billie Jean King, and Martina Navratilova also paid tribute to Federer after he retired following competing at the Laver Cup.

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