Coco Gauff discloses how Venus and Serena Williams ‘inspired’ her to take up tennis at a very young age

US Open champion Coco Gauff acknowledges the William Sisters for their achievements in professional tennis.

Coco Gauff discloses how Venus and Serena Williams ‘inspired’ her to take up tennis at a very young age

Coco Gauff with Venus Williams (Via X)

American sensation Coco Gauff has showcased her talent to the world through her impeccable tennis gameplay. She has had a wonderful 2023, which included winning her first Grand Slam title. In a recent interview, the American revealed the great influence that the legendary Williams sisters had on her and her professional career. 


For context, Serena Williams and Venus Williams dominated the world of tennis in their prime and have always been beacons of inspiration for all the youngsters out there, especially Black women. One of those youngsters turned out to be the 2023 US Open winner, Coco Gauff. 

I would hit on the wall & inside the house a lot. We had a basement & then I would hit on the garage door & I just loved playing & just liked it a lot. And then seeing Serena and Venus being so electric on TV made me want to do something like that, too. And then it just became a part of me pretty much after, I would say, the age of eight is when I really fell in love with it. I started at six. But I think eight is when I knew I wanted to take it seriously.
Said Coco via Western and Southern Open

The 19-year-old has always walked in the footsteps of the iconic siblings, and with every milestone, she has acknowledged the Williams sisters. The sisters were dedicated to working hard and laying a good foundation for youngsters like Coco to have a smooth career in the sport. 


Coco Gauff revealed that the Williams sisters paved the way for her maiden Grand Slam title triumph

American youngster Coco Gauff won the US Open a few months ago and created history by becoming the youngest to win the title since Serena Williams. Coco had beaten Aryna Sabalenka to win her maiden Grand Slam. Later on, in an interview, she reveals the influence the Williams sisters had on her career. 

Coco Gauff with Venus Williams
Coco Gauff with Venus Williams (Via CNN)

Gauff revealed:

It’s crazy. I mean, they’re the reason why I have this trophy today, to be honest, They have allowed me to believe in this dream growing up. You know, there weren’t too many just Black tennis players dominating the sport. It was literally just them that I can remember when I was younger.

With that being said, it would have been a moment of a lifetime for the youngster to win on the same court where the Williams sisters had ruled the women’s division for a long time. The American, who went deep in the next few tournaments, lost her winning streak to Iga Swiatek and will be seen next during the WTA finals.

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