John McEnroe gives a bizarre suggestion to Rafael Nadal in hope of winning the Calendar Slam

John McEnroe gave a very strange but practical suggestion to Rafael Nadal while talking about his chances of Wimbledon 2022.

John McEnroe, Rafael Nadal
John McEnroe, Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is chasing the Calendar Grand Slam for the first time in his career as he has managed to win both the Australian Open 2022 and the French Open 2022. After an unbelievable Australian Open victory, he managed to win the French Open in an incredible manner, having to inject his left foot with anesthetics to numb the pain. But, after the French Open Rafa revealed that he will undergo a radiofrequency ablation to sever the pain-carrying nerve and not use injection for further tournaments as it might have very bad effects in long run.

Nadal is the second seed at Wimbledon 2022 and is playing the Championships after missing the 2021 edition. Though Rafa has not played in any grass-court tournaments in preparation for Wimbledon, he has played some practice matches and the two-time Wimbledon champion will be chasing his third Wimbledon title and his third title of the year. His recovery and adjustment to the matches on grass remain to be seen as he begins the crusade on 28th June against Francisco Cerundolo.

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John McEnroe says that Nadal should keep taking the injections, as it worked really well at the French Open.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

People have evaluated Rafael Nadal as among the favorites behind Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini. Many have even put Rafa above Berrettini, but if they meet in the semifinal, it would be a really tough match for both the players. Former world number 1 and Wimbledon Champion, John McEnroe gave a completely new perspective to Rafa’s chances at the Wimbledon 2022. When asked to evaluate the chances of Nadal winning the title in 2022, as per WeLoveTennis McEnroe said:

“The hardest thing for Rafa will be this one (this Wimbledon, editor’s note) because if we trust what he said at Roland Garros, he injected products on his foot during some of his matches, if not all. I don’t know how he could do it, and he was still able to win seven games and look amazing, right? This guy is amazing. If I were Nadal and I was aiming for the calendar Grand Slam, and I didn’t know how much time I have left to play, I would continue to give myself injections in the foot for Wimbledon and the US Open. That would be my decision. He may be able to play for a few more years. He also spoke about his desire to be able to walk when he has children. This is a risk that no athlete wants to take.”

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