Craig Tiley pledges to include Nick Kyrgios in 2024 Australian Open “in one way or the other”

Craig Tiley seems confident about convincing Nick Kyrgios to take some role at the 2024 Australian Open.

Craig Tiley pledges to include Nick Kyrgios in 2024 Australian Open “in one way or the other”

Craig Tiley, Nick Kyrgios (Images via The Mirror, New York Post)

Australian Open director Craig Tiley has pledged to bring back Nick Kyrgios for the 2024 Australian Open “in one way or the other”. As the local man might miss the year’s first Grand Slam owing to his prolonged rehabilitation from the knee injury, Tiley has promised to involve Kyrgios in the tournament in any way possible. 

While Nick Kyrgios faces the challenge of returning to the court as a player, the Australian has managed to land himself some behind-the-scenes jobs. Kyrgios worked with Tennis Channel as a commentator for the 2023 ATP Finals. He also worked with Frances Tiafoe as a mentor during the Ultimate Tennis Showdown event in Los Angeles. 

Hence, there are chances that Kyrgios will be invited to take a similar role at the 2024 Australian Open. Craig Tiley sounded confident when he revealed that he wanted to bring the local boy to please the crowd. 

As I’ve said, we’re going to have Nick here in some form or another in January … hopefully, it is to play because he’s a crowd-pleaser. We love watching Nick and we love having him around. It’s hard for me to predict (if he’ll play)... but it’s always likely someone is going to be ready to play because they want to play at the Australian Open.
Craig Tiley said at a Tennis Australia preview on Monday. (H/T: Daily Express)

Why is Nick Kyrgios not participating in 2024 Australian Open?

While Craig Tiley has pledged to involve Nick Kyrgios in the 2024 Australian Open in some way or the other, the 2022 Wimbledon finalist is definitely not going to take part as a player. Although Kyrgios has not yet officially ruled himself out of the year’s first Grand Slam, the chances of him to compete at the event are slim.

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios (Image via Yahoo Sports)

Kyrgios has still not fully recovered from the knee injury which forced him to pull out of last year’s Australian Open. He underwent surgery and tried to return to action with the Stuttgart Open but it did not augur well for the Aussie. Kyrgios then tried to stage a comeback with 2023 Wimbledon but only to pull out of the tournament at the last moment.

Since then, Kyrgios has been training mildly but has not been able to achieve full fitness. He confirmed that there are some concerns still to be addressed around his knee.

There's still a lot of work to do. I had some more setbacks after my knee came back the first time. It was just not where I wanted to be and it was still causing me a lot of pain.
Nick Kyrgios revealed a few weeks back.

The Australian is not sure if he will be able to play at the 2024 Australian Open. But as Craig Tiley has promised, fans will get to see the ‘bad boy of tennis’ in action in some way or the other.

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