WATCH: ‘Dedicated’ Simona Halep shares glimpses of her practice session since facing doping suspension during the 2022 US Open

Simona Halep was seen practicing tennis despite facing a 4-year ban due to doping. 

WATCH: ‘Dedicated’ Simona Halep shares glimpses of her practice session since facing doping suspension during the 2022 US Open

Simona Halep (Via Hindustan Times)

Simona Halep, the professional Romanian tennis player was seen practicing after facing a doping suspension during the 2022 US Open. The 32-year-old was caught in a complicated doping case which saw her out of the 2023 season. 


The Romanian tested positive for Roxadustat, a banned blood-boosting substance that goes against the rules of (the Women’s Tennis Association) WTA and (the International Tennis Integrity Association) ITIA and hence faced a ban.

Now the two-time Grand Slam title winner was seen in practice sessions. She shared a video on her Instagram where she was seen practicing her powerful forehands and backhands. The camera which covered all the angles showed that the 32-year-old was still going strong with her shots. 

At the time of writing, the player has not been proven guilty of doping and is still under appeal. However, her ban still goes on which will only end in 2026. Doping isn’t taken lightly in the field of sports and rightfully so, the former women’s champion has been given a 4-year ban. Her video was taken positively by her fans who continue to support the former champ with words of confidence and belief.


Simona Halep refuses to accept ITIA’s decision to ban her

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep has been under suspension for doping. The player was banned from the US Open as her blood sample contained traces of the drug Roxadustat which made the ITIA ban the player for four years. 

I refuse to accept their decision of a four-year ban, I am continuing to train and do everything in my power to clear my name of these false allegations and return to the court.
Said Simona after the statement of her 4-year ban was released
Simona Halep
Simona Halep (Via Wall Street Journal)

Simona, who still hasn’t cleared her name of the allegations made against her, was seen practicing, and fans can only hope that their favorite star will return to the game as soon as possible and try to be a challenge for the women’s division.

Since the 2019 Wimbledon win, Halep has not been able to win any other Grand Slams or regain her position as No. 1. With that being said, it seems like she would make a grand comeback if her name got cleared, or else fans would have to wait for 3 more years to see Halep play tennis.

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