Denis Shapovalov’s girlfriend Mirjam Bjorklund takes a SLY DIG at Ajla Tomljanovic and Matteo Berrettini’s failed relationship while praising her own

Denis Shapovalov's Girlfriend, Mirijam Bjorklund, highlights the importance of shared commitment in tennis relationships.

Denis Shapovalov’s girlfriend Mirjam Bjorklund takes a SLY DIG at Ajla Tomljanovic and Matteo Berrettini’s failed relationship while praising her own

Matteo Berrettini and Ajla Tomljanovic, Mirjam Bjorklund (Credits: Town and Country Magazine and Twitter/@RolandGarros)

In a recent interview with Puntodebreak, Mirjam Bjorklund, the girlfriend of tennis star Denis Shapovalov, highlighted the importance of having a partner who shares the same dedication to the sport. While discussing the challenges and benefits of their relationship, Bjorklund subtly took a dig at the failed relationship between Ajla Tomljanovic and Matteo Berrettini, emphasizing the significance of understanding each other’s commitments in the tennis world.

Q. I want to ask you about your relationship with Denis Shapovalov. To what extent does it help that your partner is dedicated to the same as you?


Mirijam: Having someone with whom to share the good and the bad is vital, touching on topics that the other can understand. Sometimes it’s hard too, did you watch the Netflix series? Berrettini and Tomljanovic? It’s hard because they both have their things and they have to prioritize their tennis.

Bjorklund, a professional tennis player herself, stressed the value of having a partner who can empathize and relate to the ups and downs of a tennis career. She emphasized that being able to discuss and share experiences with someone who truly understands the demands of the sport is crucial, providing support during both triumphs and setbacks.

The Swedish-born Bjorklund indirectly referenced the Netflix series that showcased the relationship between Tomljanovic and Berrettini. Bjorklund’s comments reflect her satisfaction with her own relationship with Shapovalov, where their shared dedication to tennis allows them to navigate the demands of the sport more smoothly.


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A Timeline of Mirjam Bjorklund and Denis Shapovalov’s relationship

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Mirjam Bjorklund and Denis Shapovalov (Credits: SportsLumo)

The journey of Denis Shapovalov and Mirjam Bjorklund’s relationship began when they first met in June 2019, and the connection between them was almost instantaneous. Their relationship became public on October 20, 2019, during the Stockholm Open, where Shapovalov emerged victorious and claimed his first tournament title. Mirjam Bjorklund was present in the audience, adorned in tennis attire, reflecting her own tennis career at the time. The heartwarming images captured the celebratory embrace between the couple.

Shapovalov’s admiration for Bjorklund is evident as he credits her for bringing a sense of joy and fulfillment to his life. The couple’s enduring love story serves as an inspiration, reminding fans that true love can thrive amidst the demanding and competitive world of professional sports. Yesterday, the couple celebrated their 4-year anniversary together.


As both Shapovalov and Bjorklund continue to excel in their respective tennis careers, their relationship stands as a testament to the power of love and support. The fact that their love has endured and flourished over time demonstrates that their initial attraction was not merely a passing fancy but a genuine bond.

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