Dominic Thiem vehemently believes today’s generation plays better, faster tennis than Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic

Former US Open winner Dominic Thiem says he thinks the level of tennis has become faster and better.

Former US Open winner and the highest-ranked Austrian player Dominic Thiem recently revealed in an interview to Standard that he believes the likes of Carlos Alcaraz, Frances Tiafoe and Jannik Sinner have turned the tennis world upside down with their fast style of play, making it tougher for other players to adapt to the new level.

Thiem also insinuated that such players are in fact better than the Big 3 trio of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, who according to him were too defensive or cautious.

“Players like Alcaraz, Sinner or Tiafoe have changed tennis. They play very fast and have taken the sport to a new level. Compared to them, the big three were almost defensive or cautious. This change certainly affects other tennis players, who need to be able to change their playing pattern a bit each time they play against them,” Thiem told The Standard.

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Dominic Thiem insists he will slowly come back to old form

Thiem, who held the US Open title back in 2020, beating Alexander Zverev coming from two sets down is still making his firm feet returning to the game after suffering a wrist injury at the Mallorca Open 2021, ultimately being ruled of the entire 2021 season entirely.

Although Spain’s Pablo Carreno-Busta ended Dominic’s run at the 2022 US Open, the Austrian went on to praise the Spaniard’s game and current form quoting “Pablo is having a great season. He won Montreal. He was twice a semi-finalist here. I’m just still in the process of returning. I’m going to take a lot of good things from today and I’m going to move forward,” concluding the second highest ranking Austrians’ run at the New York courts.

Dominic Thiem apologizing for hitting a ball on the net-tape
Dominic Thiem apologizing for hitting a ball on the net-tape

Thiem was once regarded as having extreme potential amongst young stars in the sport of tennis, having consistently been a threat to Nadal on the clay courts and to others on hard courts as well. Once he won the US Open, Thiem was widely regarded as a breakout star who would go on to achieve much more success.

However, a spate of recurring injuries meant his recovery was made more difficult. During a recent match, former Grand Slam champion Andy Murray told the Austrian consolingly at the net, “You are going to come back. But it will take time.”

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