‘Down on the ground’ Boris Becker faints as judge announce 2.5 years of jail time

The Prison sentence for Boris Becker takes a drastic toll on the former World No. 1 who has been found guilty of hiding assets in a bankruptcy case.

Boris Becker
Boris Becker found guilty

Boris Becker is a German tennis legend, a former world number 1, and the winner of 6 Grand Slam titles. He has many incredible records including the record of being the youngest Wimbledon singles champion and 3 titles in three weeks across three continents.

Becker aged 54, retired from the sport in 1999 and went on to perform commentating and coaching duties. He even coached Novak Djokovic and during the three-season with him, Novak won 6 Grand Slams and 14 ATP titles. Becker had declared bankruptcy and has been embroiled in a lot of tax evasion cases and he was found guilty on some counts recently.

Boris Becker’s sentence reduced

Boris Becker
Boris Becker in London

Boris Becker has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Becker was legally charged with failing to hand over trophies in satisfaction of his debt during his bankruptcy, and on 21 March 2022, his trial began at Southwark Crown Court, London. He faced a seven-year prison sentence after being found guilty of four counts under the Insolvency Act. Judge Deborah Taylor handed down the sentence after hearing arguments from both the prosecutor and Becker’s attorney.

From leading a very high profile and lavish lifestyle, and facing the trials for many years, very few would have actually thought that there would be a prison sentence. Becker will be going away for some time and naturally, this sentencing would come as a shock to him. The degree of shock was the point of discussion as it was revealed that Boris had fainted from the shocking news of him being put away behind the bars.

According to German media, he was more than usual red in the face during the full hearing, and after his prison sentence, he collapsed and guards had to carry him out. The fact that he wouldn’t serve the entire two-and-a-half-year sentence, but only “only” 15 months, was also not any comfort for him as he appeared very ill. The news comes as a jolt to the whole tennis world and it would certainly be quite unpleasant for a legendary sportsperson to spend some time behind bars.

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