“Everything is false”- Arrested Argentinian player speaks out after being accused of ‘assaulting’ a taxi driver

The world no.45 published a statement on Twitter shortly after being released.

Francisco Cerundolo | Tennis News | FirstSportz
Francisco Cerundolo

Argentinian tennis player Francisco Cerundolo was condemned by a 61-year-old French cab driver after being eliminated in the first round of the Roland Garros 2022 against Evans. According to the francebleu.fr website, the 23-year-old tennis player struck the driver on Wednesday evening after the latter refused to let him and four other passengers into the taxi because there were not enough seats in the car to accommodate all five.

A complaint had been made for “voluntary violence in a state of drunkenness” according to a French newspaper. The taxi driver told the police officer who questioned him that Cerundolo initially offered to pay even more to get into the taxi before becoming hostile. Cerundolo was eventually released by the police, and he was given the opportunity to explain his side of the tale. The charge, he claimed, was absolutely baseless.

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“Got Nervous and Started Yelling at Us”- Francisco Cerundolo

Francisco Cerundolo | Tennis News | FirstSportz
Francisco Cerundolo

The world no.45 published a statement on Twitter shortly after being released. He wrote in the caption, “This is my statement of what happened Wednesday night. Thank you all for caring.”

The statement reads, “Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you that everything that is being mentioned on the networks is false. I was with relatives at night asking for a taxi, and I asked him if he would do us a favour and put us up with 5 people. The taxi driver told me that I should wait for him for 2 minutes that he was going to do something and he would come back. When he came back and saw that we spoke another language, he kind of got scared and told us that in the end five didn’t, we asked him why, he got nervous and started yelling at us, treating us badly and said he was going to call the police.”

“We did not give it importance, we went to the hotel to ask for another taxi and the minute the police appeared and questioned me and one of my relatives inside the hotel in the lobby because the taxi driver said that we had allegedly assaulted him. They took us to the police station and after a few hours because it was a holiday and there was still no one there, after corroborating the fact through the security cameras, they realized that nothing had happened. They apologized to us because they couldn’t believe that they had arrested us for this. I’m perfect, it was just a bad time. Thank you all for asking how I am and caring!” Francisco Cerundolo expressed further.

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