“How about we play nap?,” Exhausted mother Serena Williams gets too relatable as she struggles to juggle sleep and playtime

Serena Williams caught spending time with her daughter, as she struggles to sleep.

“How about we play nap?,” Exhausted mother Serena Williams gets too relatable as she struggles to juggle sleep and playtime

Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia (Via Imago and screengrab/Instagram)

Serena Williams, one of the most respected tennis stars, has set the foundation for women’s tennis. Going on to create multiple records, the 42-year-old often struggled in tennis as a part and parcel of the sport. However, after retirement, she now has been facing the hardships of a mother while trying to keep her daughter Olympia entertained. 


In a recent Instagram story, a very tired Serena Williams took a video of herself resting on the bed, while her daughter was in a very enthusiastic mood in the background. Trying to juggle sleep and playtime, Serena quickly thought of a game on the spot. 

Serena, the mother of two, while loving motherhood, wanted some time for herself and to rest. However, with two daughters, it was not possible. While Adira, the youngest daughter, is a newborn baby who needs constant attention, her other child, Olympia, is a growing child who is cheeky and loves to be constantly involved in a game or a play. 

The younger sibling of the iconic duo of Williams sisters did suggest the nap game:

How about we play nap?

However, her daughter saw right through the loophole and sarcastically said, 

And we could all win. 

While the clip was funny to the viewers, it also portrayed her child’s improving intelligence, who doesn’t fall for loopholes. 

Serena Williams shared some quality time with her daughter Olympia, as the two shared a cute picture online

Serena Williams, the tennis star, is often seen with her daughters. Either playing with one or just taking care of the other, she is busy juggling between kids. 

Olympia with her father Alexis Ohanian
Olympia with her father Alexis Ohanian (Via Imago)

Recently, the 23-time singles Grand Slam winner shared a cute picture on her Instagram with her daughter. Captioned “My main squeeze”, the two were seen smiling at the camera. In other pictures, her 6-year-old daughter Olympia and her mother were seen pursing their lips and striking a pose. 


Furthermore, Williams also shared a cute video of her daughter hiding behind a giant pillow on the sofa. It was a quality mother-daughter bonding that was shared with all her fans, who were awestruck at their cuteness.

Over the past few days, the fans have witnessed many pictures of the two. Serena even posted a bikini photo, holding her daughter, which took the world by surprise. With fans showing more love for Serena Williams and her daughter, in no time, they would witness more pictures with both daughters in the frame.

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