Grigor Dimitrov’s latest training regime has Chris Evert in splits as video surfaces of the Bulgarian

Chris Evert seemed to have enjoyed the Dimitrov-salsa mashup.

Grigor Dimitrov’s latest training regime has Chris Evert in splits as video surfaces of the Bulgarian

Chris Evert and Grigor Dimitrov (Via X)

With 2024 on the horizon, almost every tennis player is preparing for the new season in hopes of doing better and putting their best performance across. While the fans know about the practice of the big names of tennis, surprisingly a video of Grigor Dimitrov’s practice took the internet by surprise just for its hilarious scenes. 


During a practice session, The Bulgarian was doing intense shuffling of feet and with every clap from his trainer, he had to increase the pace of his movement. A tennis page on X took the opportunity and added salsa music to it which coincidentally matched the leg movement of Dimitrov who now seemed like he was dancing salsa. 

Even the very iconic tennis player Chris Evert found the mashup funny and reacted the same. She replied to the video expressing that she found the video hilarious and was. Each player had their own funny or interesting practice sessions, while Djokovic previously had a tricky flexible challenge that many found amusing, Dimitrov’s was a rather funny one that gave the whole tennis world something to laugh about.  

Chris Evert wrongs the ‘clean girl’ image she had always carried with her throughout her career

69-year-old Chris Evert who has always maintained her goody-two-shoes reputation, reveals that she is not a clean girl and has done everything a normal person does in their lifetime. Evert usually was compared to Martina Navratilova who is a whole different character, who expresses herself and is always caught in between controversy. Against her, Evert has always been known as the neat one with a clean slate and she recently turned down all these accusations. 

Chris Evert
Chris Evert (Via USA Huntz)

The former world number 1, disclosed that she is everything but a perfect mother and has lived a normal life with a few bumps along the road. She has recently been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer yet again.

She was previously diagnosed in an early stage back in 2021, but fortunately, the cancer was caught in an early stage yet again and she is now undergoing chemotherapy yet again. The 18-time Grand Slam champion has now taken a break as a commentator due to the treatment and has assured to return soon. While she informed everyone about her cancer, she also encouraged everyone to check their family history and to be safe.

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