WATCH: “You’re an absolute joke!” – Holger Rune BLASTS umpire Mohamed Lahyani and loses his cool at the ‘arrogant’ Italian crowd during crunch game against Novak Djokovic

Rune argues with umpire Lahyani over a wrong call

WATCH: “You’re an absolute joke!” – Holger Rune BLASTS umpire Mohamed Lahyani and loses his cool at the ‘arrogant’ Italian crowd during crunch game against Novak Djokovic

Holger Rune (Image via: Getty Images)

Pressure gets the better of anyone. It can be any typical human or one of the big celebrities on the planet. Staying calm under pressure for a reason is considered to be an extremely rare quality. 7th seed Holger Rune in his quarter final against top seed Novak Djokovic felt the heat.

Constant arguments with the Chair Umpire Mohammad Lahyani are evidence of him losing his temper. Getting booed by the crowd has added fuel to the fire. Why is all this happening? It’s yet again a wrong call by the chair umpire. The Italian Open still doesn’t use technology as the medium to check line calls and this is causing arguments and disagreements day in day out.


Novak Djokovic in the second set hits the ball out and it’s called in. Holger Rune challenges. It is declared in by Mohammed Lahyani who runs to the mark. Rune loses it and argues with the umpire. The Italian crowd starts boeing. Deja Vu? We saw this exact scene between Andy Murray and Fabio Fognini. Fognini hit it out Murray challenged but was still declared in and it was Lahyani on that occasion as well. Murray got booed.

This is the second time in this tournament that something like this is happening. The lack of use of technology is causing all the trouble. Rune won the first set 6-2 and knows the importance of not allowing the match to go into a decoder against Djokovic. Thus every point in the second set matters. He certainly can’t afford a wrong call at this moment. And fighting for his point was bound to happen. Well hawk eye did prove Rune eventually the same way as Murray.

A wrong call by the umpire is certainly unacceptable as it can change the match at times. However what’s more disappointing is the Italian crowd in this entire debacle. They have constantly booed Rune even when he has done nothing wrong. They have been extremely indisciplined this week and players have not enjoyed this kind of behaviour at all. Rune was booed in one of his previous matches as well when he took on local Fabio Fognini.


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Holger Rune argues his case with chair umpire Mohammed Lahyani

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Holger Rune (Image via Twitter)

The entire disagreement between Holger Rune and Mohammad Lahyani has produced a very animated conversation. “You’re an absolute joke, man”. Holger Rune says to Lahyani. Patrick Mouratoglou his coach stands up and asks Rune to calm down. “It’s always the umpire who makes me look like the bad guy” he continues.

Amidst all this chaos Rune calls for a Medical Time Out. Djokovic on the other side of the court has a laugh about this as Rune certainly is furious. “Do you get punished when you make a mistake? Because when we get punished we get fined” he keeps on taunting Lahyani as the whole crowd realises that the umpire has got it horribly wrong this time.


The only solution that one can have for this is to bring in technology. The reliance on the chair umpire to find the mark every time is not helping anyone. It’s only spoiling it. The crowd too needs to improve as no one is happy about the behaviour. Athletes are feeling disrespected. Hopefully the drama stops here and everyone comes to a solution for this never ending line call debate.

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