Iga Swiatek set for mixed doubles at the Paris Olympics alongside Hubert Hurkacz confirms coach Tomasz Wiktorowski 

Iga Swiatek is all set to play in the Paris Olympics alongside Hubert Hurkacz. 

Iga Swiatek set for mixed doubles at the Paris Olympics alongside Hubert Hurkacz confirms coach Tomasz Wiktorowski 

Iga Swiatek and Hubert Hurkacz (Via News 18)

Polish sensation Iga Swiateks coach, Tomasz Wiktorowski, confirms his player’s participation in mixed doubles alongside Hubert Hurkacz at the Paris Olympics. Both the top-ranked Polish stars coming together as doubles partners can be a wonder to watch at the upcoming Olympics.

Iga Swiatek has been one of the standouts in the WTA league for her monumental rise at such a young age. She currently has four Grand Slam titles to her name and has already finished two consecutive seasons as World No. 1


She was also praised a lot by her current coach Tomasz Wiktorowski. During the interview, he was asked if Swiatek would give the same importance to the Olympics as the majors, and he confirmed it without hesitating. 

Yes, The Games are our priority and we start preparing for them in January or even in December.
Said the Polish coach via Polish Daily Rzeczpospolita

 Continuing further, he added:

Thinking not only about singles, but also about mixed doubles with Hubert Hurkacz, and this is a completely different discipline that we don’t really have the opportunity to try during the year.


Interestingly, this news was also later confirmed by Hubert Hurkacz, who also seemed excited to play alongside one of the most promising players the WTA has ever seen. Iga is now set to prioritize the games and prepare for both the singles and doubles tournaments.

Iga Swiatek had previously revealed to be enjoying playing alongside Hubert Hurkacz

Polish sensations Iga Swiatek and Hubert Hurkacz are set to participate in the mixed doubles at the Paris Olympics. Previously, their chemistry has been witnessed by many, and even Swiatek revealed that she has the best time playing alongside Hurkacz and that he radiates positive energy, which she is in desperate need of on the court.

She also praised her partner for his mammoth serves, which eased her work of not receiving a volley.

Iga Swiatek and Hubert Hurkacz
Iga Swiatek and Hubert Hurkacz (Via tennis world USA)

Both players have exceptional records in their singles rankings as well. While Swiatek has already shown what she is capable of, her partner is still yet to play his best tennis and make a strong statement to the world. 

The last time this duo teamed up was at the United Cup, where they won their matches against Kazakhstan and the Italian teams. With a new season on the horizon, both players will look to make this golden calendar year a win to remember and try to win a medal for their country. Fans will surely enjoy this duo and how they go about their matches together.

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