“Inspiring to see him comeback from massive health problems” Roger Federer seeks to draw inspiration from Rafael Nadal for his comeback

Roger Federer talks about Rafael Nadal's Australian Open performance and his own comeback plans in an interview.

Rafael Nadal, Roger federer
Rafael Nadal, Roger federer

The former world number 1 and the legendary Roger Federer has stayed away from the court for far too long for the fans to bear. Federer was knocked out in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon by the Polish star Hubert Hurkacz, and shortly after the tournament, he announced that he would have to undergo knee surgery. The surgery and rehabilitation process ensured that Roger stayed away from the ATP tour. However, the hiatus was longer than expected, and the Swiss wizard is looking to get back into a competitive mood.

He had recently posted some pictures on Instagram about his journey back to the gym, and he looked fit as a fiddle. Federer had announced that he would team up with Rafael Nadal, his longtime friend, and arch-rival, to represent Team Europe in the Laver Cup. Roger Federer will also be expected to turn up for the grass season, as the Swiss wouldn’t want to miss the Wimbledon, even with all that mess going around the tournament.

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Roger Federer is itching for a comeback.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Champions are not bowed down by the setbacks and Federer is among the biggest of the champions, he believes that he still has some tennis left in him and he is raring to get on the court.

“I’m waiting for the doctor’s okay. I’m ready to give everything again. I feel like a racehorse that scratches in its box and wants to race. In the summer, I hope to be able to get off to a flying start,” Federer told the Caminada -Magazine. He continued: “I’m looking forward to coming home in the evening after a hard day’s training and being completely exhausted.”

Talking about Rafael Nadal and his incredible win at the Australian Open 2022, Federer said: “It’s incredibly inspiring when someone comes back after massive health problems. Rafa and I talk on the phone from time to time, we talk a lot. I knew that he wasn’t doing great when he If he managed to do it anyway, I was really happy for him.”

The two legends share a lot of mutual respect and are great friends off the court. They have been rivals for decades, but they enjoy each other’s victories. Federer would be hoping for a great comeback of his own in the grass season before playing the Laver Cup and continuing further with the season.

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