“It’s a sport of repetition, not spectacle,” Toni Nadal throws a tantrum at Nick Kyrgios following his loss at the 2022 Wimbledon final

“It’s a sport of repetition, not spectacle,” Toni Nadal throws a tantrum at Nick Kyrgios following his loss at the 2022 Wimbledon final

Nick Kyrgios, Toni Nadal

Nick Kyrgios, the 27-year-old played through his maiden major final at the 2022 Wimbledon where he lost to Novak Djokovic by 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6. The win saw Djokovic win his 21st Grand Slam and his 7th Wimbledon title, playing through a fascinating fixture, Kyrgios overpowered Djokovic in the first set and looked like dominating the game before the Serbian found his rhythm and won the match.

Spanish Tennis coach, Toni Nadal criticized the quality of the match and mentioned that it lacked a certain flair and that there were too many lost balls, Nadal recently commented on Kyrgios’s way of playing indicating that the Australian still lacks what it takes to measure up to and go toe-to-toe against Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal.

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“He has a bad habit,” Toni Nadal comments on Nick Kyrgios’s ‘careless’ way of playing

Nick Kyrgios

Toni Nadal commented on Kyrgios’s way of playing saying “He has a bad habit of hitting too many balls in any way, basically carelessly and out of position. In today’s tennis, due to the speed at which the ball is going, there is no choice but to look for a good position to have good control. Great players (Federer, Djokovic, Rafael) measure their steps well, look for a good position, and from there try to hit a good shot and increase the chances of victory. Nick Kyrgios, with his messy way of understanding the game, is handicapped not so much by what he does with the ball, but by how he wants to do it. It is very difficult for him to achieve the continuity that requires scoring points. Tennis is a sport of repetition, rather than spectacle.

Following his loss to Djokovic in the finals, Nadal was also unimpressed with the quality of Tennis both the players played, he continued “The match lacked great brilliance, mainly because there were too many unplayed points. The lack of perseverance of the Australian, especially in regards to maintaining his aggressiveness, revealed the main problem that, in my opinion, his game possesses.

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