Jelena Dokic jumps to Simona Halep’s defense shedding light on the contaminated sample criticising ITF for inactions

Jelena Dokic comes to the defense of Simona Halep, highlighting the issue of the contaminated sample and criticizing the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for their lack of action

Jelena Dokic jumps to Simona Halep’s defense shedding light on the contaminated sample criticising ITF for inactions

Jelena Dokic and Simona Halep (Image via WTA, Herald Sun)

Simona Halep has been under a lot of heat and scrutiny after being charged with a second, separate anti-doping breach for irregularities found in her biological passport. Simona Halep was already banned for Roxadustat use in October 2022. This has left a very negative impact on the career of the former World No.1.


Jelena Dokic who is a former World No.4 player explained that Simona Halep’s recent Athlete Biological Passport report is far worse than initially expected. The report suggests that intake of the banned substance was prolonged rather than it being a single contamination event. This is a lot worse than the Roxadustat use case.

Halep has been accusing the ITIA of constantly delaying her hearing and denying her claims to be judged in an independent trial. Dokic talked about Halep’s case on Nine’s Sports Sunday and tried to explain the severity of the second allegation.” There has been something going on for a while. She has always said that this is the case of contamination. This would prove, perhaps, otherwise. So it’s very, very serious.”, said Dokic.

Halep had previously made her point by saying that the supplements she took were accidentally contaminated with Roxadustat. This seemed believable as the Roxadustat content in her body was fairly low and as supplements are taken regularly would explain the prolonged use. Halep’s career is on the line but what else is on the verge of being destroyed is her legacy, her reputation as a former World No.1


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Simona Halep gets a response from ITIA

Simona Halep
Simona Halep (Image via Hindustan Times)

Simona Halep has been furious with the International Tennis Integrity Agency for repeatedly delaying her hearing which has kept her career on hold. The ITIA has responded to Halep and provided their reason for the delay.

The ITIA explained that” We have proposed that both charges are heard together to avoid multiple hearings. To do this, we wish to provide all parties (including the independent tribunal) sufficient time to consider the significant materials associated with the latest charge.”.

The reason for the delay was to accommodate the hearing of both of her anti-doping charges on the same date. The hearing was set to be commenced at the end of May but was delayed as declared on Monday.


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