“I will not be defeated,” Jelena Dokic is not going to let the ghosts of a haunting past catch up this time

Jelena Dokic claims that she is very happy despite not talking to her father for 10 years.

“I will not be defeated,” Jelena Dokic is not going to let the ghosts of a haunting past catch up this time

Damir and Jelena Dokic (Credits: Daily Mail)

Australian tennis player turned commentator Jelena Dokic recently talked about the struggles she faced with her father during her initial days as a tennis professional. In the interview, she also reflected on how she is not going to be haunted by her past and her relationship with her father does not affect her at all.


Talking to The Independent, the former tennis player exclusively stated how she will not be defeated by her past trauma. Talking about how her life has turned out to be, the retired tennis professional stated,

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I can really say that with confidence. I will not be defeated by my past. I’ve been able to turn all the pain and suffering into something extremely positive. My biggest strength is my vulnerability.
Jelena Dokic via The Independent

To give context, Jelena Dokic is from the war-torn regions of Serbia and moved to Australia later to pursue her passion for the sport. She reached great heights in her career, reaching the semi-finals of the 2000 Wimbledon and achieving a career-high ranking of World No.4. However, what most people do not know is how her father and coach abused her from the moment she hit the first tennis ball of her life.

The former World No.4 has been a victim of physical and mental abuse for a long time by her father. She has time and again opened up on how she has left that phase of her life behind and uses this energy to do more productive things in her life. Dokic also mentioned how she has not been in touch with her father for over a decade now. Adding further, the former tennis player stated,

I sleep well at night. I don’t speak to him, 10 years ago was the last time. I tried to reconcile but it’s hard when he can’t even say sorry.

Jelena Dokic recalls one specific incident during her past trauma

Many would think reaching the semi-finals of the Wimbledon is a matter of great deal. However, this was not true in the case of Jelena Dokic and her father, who abused and threatened her for losing at such an important stage of the tournament. Her father, Damir Dokic, refused to allow her to get back at the hotel after her loss stating that she was a disgrace to the entire family.

Jelena Dokic
Jelena Dokic (Credits: Open Source/X)

Recalling the incident, the former tennis player turned commentator mentioned how she was forced to spend the night in the locker room of Wimbledon only to be found by the janitors who were cleaning it at night. However, Dokic has ever since proved to be a strong woman who refuses to let these incidents and past trauma define her current life. She claims that she is happier now and does not let anything of the past affect her.

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