WATCH: Jelena Ostapenko YELLS at her coach to move on to another seat as she received constant advice after losing the first set against Iga Swiatek

Jelena Ostapenko lashed out on her coach after losing the first set against Iga Swiatek at US Open.

WATCH: Jelena Ostapenko YELLS at her coach to move on to another seat as she received constant advice after losing the first set against Iga Swiatek

Jelena Ostapenko (Image via US Open)

Jelena Ostapenko, in her fourth-round US Open match against Iga Swiatek, yelled at her coach and asked him to move on to another seat after losing the first set. She was quite agitated with her coach after constantly receiving advice from the box following her first-set loss against the World No.1.


In the heat of the match, she yelled at her coach to shift seats. Ultimately, the Latvian won the duel against her opponent but her coach did not seem to inspire confidence in her, for when things were flaming, she yelled at him. Ostapenko eventually won the match in three sets 3-6, 6-3, 6-1 to go up 4-0 against Swiatek.

While the game can get heated, especially against high-profile opponents such as Swiatek, things could easily be escalated to the next level. Such was the situation between Ostapenko and her coach. Ostapenko isn’t famous for her on-court behavior and neither tries to be the crowd’s favorite. The World No.21 seemed to have problems with her coach yelling tricks at her back. So she took matters into her own hands and made the coach step back.

However, this is not the first outburst for the Latvian. She also seemed to scream at spectators when things got heated in her third-round match against Bernarda Pera. It is unclear if this was just a way for her to let out some steam, or if there was some issue with the spectators. Nevertheless, the US Open seems to be quite a stressful ordeal for the Latvian.


Ostapenko will now face 6th-seeded and home favorite Coco Gauff in the quarter-final. This will be another high-profile match, with Coco Gauff still reveling in the fruit of her victory at the Cincinnati Open. The Latvian, on the other hand, is in her best form, fresh out of a victory against the World No.1 and defending champion, Swiatek.

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Jelena Ostapenko marches past Iga Swiatek into the quarter-final

Coco Gauff and Jelena Ostapenko
Coco Gauff and Jelena Ostapenko(Image via The Times of India)

Ostapenko defeated Iga Swiatek in the fourth round of the US Open Championship. This stops the Pole on her way to defending her title. She will now be facing Coco Gauff in the quarter-final. Ostapenko defeated Swiatek with a score of 6-3, 3-6, 1-6.

She is now set to battle it out against American home hero Coco Gauff. The teenager will indeed prove to be a tough opponent against the Latvian, following her success over the year. With the Cincinnati Open title, Gauff has a good set of achievements to show for herself.


Ostapenko on the other hand, has a Roland Garros title under her belt that she won a few years ago. Excluding this, she has 6 other WTA titles under her name. Both will prove to be tough opponents and can only hope they can come out successful. After dethroning Swiatek from the top of women’s tennis, Ostapenko will consider her one of the favorites to win the esteemed encounter.

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