John McEnroe’s SLAMMED by John Millman after openly admitting of not knowing Nicolas Jarry during Wimbledon commentary

Millman questions McEnroe after the latter's comments during Wimbledon.

John McEnroe’s SLAMMED by John Millman after openly admitting of not knowing Nicolas Jarry during Wimbledon commentary

John Millman and John McEnroe (Image via Wikimedia Commons and Yahoo Movies UK)

It’s nothing new for John McEnroe to spark controversy with his comments. Whether they are on social media, on television programs, or in the commentary box, the American has once again said something that hasn’t been approved by many. The comment has angered not only the fans but also an Australian ace. John Millman has reacted to the American’s comments.

Day 6 of the Championships saw Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz take on Chilean Nicolas Jarry in their third-round match. Alcaraz took the early lead in the first set, and that’s exactly when McEnroe’s comment surfaced. The American had words to say for the Chilean. He said, “We don’t know Jarry, but we’ll get to know him.” Comments like this for the 28th-ranked player in the world didn’t go well with Millman. 


The Aussie was quick to tweet where he attacked McEnroe. This is what Millman had to say, “How a commentator can say “we don’t know Jarry but we’ll get to know him” is beyond ridiculous. 87 million people play tennis worldwide and this guy is the 28th best at it currently.”

Millman was clearly angry with the American’s comments. He believes that Jarry is an exceptional player, and to be ranked 28 is not easy. He also said that 87 million people play tennis, so not knowing the 28th-best player isn’t appropriate.

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McEnroe and his words that cause controversy

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John McEnroe (Image via Daily Express)

John McEnroe has quite a history of controversial moments when it comes to his sport. Without neglecting the fact that he ranks among the greatest to have ever played the game, one will agree that he has also had his share of whacky comments. 

Let’s recall a few of these kinds of moments. In 2017, McEnroe commented on Serena Williams, saying that if she were to play on the men’s tour, she would be ranked 700. This enraged many, and Serena too responded, claiming that McEnroe isn’t factually correct. 

He also commented on Rafael Nadal getting special rules for himself when it comes to the serve clock. In 2021, he targeted young Emma Raducanu, saying that four rounds were too much for her after the Brit had to withdraw. Fans were not happy back then and are again not happy with McEnroe’s comments on Jarry. They would hope that the American starts becoming a little more thoughtful about his words.


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