“Never heard anyone so bad sing live” Ellie Goulding mocked on social media for her performance during Roger Federer’s farewell

“Never  heard anyone so bad sing live” Ellie Goulding mocked on social media for her performance during Roger Federer’s farewell

Ellie Goulding and Roger Federer

Roger Federer‘s farewell witnessed one of the greatest emotional goodbyes in the history of tennis. He announced his retirement from the tennis world on 15th September penning down a heartfelt letter on his social media account expressing his reason to take t. He had been waiting on a comeback but had to keep pushing it due to his injuries which didn’t recover as per his plans.

Federer couldn’t hold back his tears as he shook hands with everyone on the team but interestingly, his were not the only eyes that were moist. As a surprise element to the final goodbye, Ellie Goulding, the English singer, and writer sang some of her famous and iconic songs ‘Falling For You ‘ and ‘Let It Burn‘ giving the final tribute to the 20-time Grand Slam singles champion as he sat down with his team and couldn’t stop crying.


Everybody present in the arena couldn’t stop crying realizing the void Federer would leave behind. It was very much emotional, especially for Rafael Nadal who cried like a baby and was inconsolable during the entire farewell of Federer and as his family joined him later on the court. Roger Federer later on, went on to thank Goulding for the performance on a special night.

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Tennis Twitter reacts to the bizarre performance by Ellie Goulding at Roger Federer’s farewell

Roger Federer played his last singles match in Wimbledon in 2021. He revealed that his health does not allow him to play any more matches in the singles category. In his final moments, Ellie Goulding sang in the background while Federer embraced his wife, kids, and parents who were also in tears, and further went on to embrace his teammates who were very much emotional as finally, the moment has realized.


Despite Goulding having an award-winning career in the music industry, her performance on the night did not go down well with people on social media who criticized her as it left them feeling a put-off. Some even wished that it should have been avoided as it did not at some point not required.

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