Nick Kyrgios blasts Piers Morgan for comparing him with Roger Federer calling it ‘ridiculous’

Kyrgios claimed he does not have the same luxury as Roger Federer.

Nick Kyrgios blasts Piers Morgan for comparing him with Roger Federer calling it ‘ridiculous’

Nick Kyrgios blasts Piers Morgan for comparing him with Roger Federer (Images via YT, Imago)

Australian tennis ace Nick Kyrgios has his own way of dealing with things. He deals with his opponents on the court in his way while also taking care of his critics off the court in his typical style. Kyrgios is famously labeled as the bad boy of tennis for his on and off-field antics. But he feels it is authentic, and that is why he lost his cool when renowned presenter Piers Morgan compared him to Roger Federer.

As Kyrgios came on Piers Morgan’s show for Talk TV in what was labeled as “an interview nobody on planet Earth thought would happen” by the journalist, he was taunted for his behavior towards journalists (eating sushi in the conference room) at a press conference at the 2022 Wimbledon.


As the Australian defended himself by saying he had to take care of his nutrition, Piers Morgan cited Roger Federer’s example, saying the Swiss would never do that. Morgan claimed that Federer was too classy to do such disrespectful things. This triggered Kyrgios, who blasted the presenter calling the comparison ‘ridiculous’.

But I'm not Roger Federer. You can't expect everyone to be Roger Federer, you can't do that, that's unfair. That's very unfair. That means 99 percent of the tennis tour are not up to Roger Federer's standards. That's sport, that's personality, do you know what I mean?
Nick Kyrgios gave a fiery response to Piers Morgan

Nick Kyrgios claims Roger Federer has 13 people to tie his laces

Further explaining why comparing any athlete with Roger Federer is not justified, Nick Kyrgios claimed that the Swiss maestro has a lot of people on his team who take care of different things.

Nick Kyrgios with Roger Federer (Image via Eurosport)

The Australian said that while Federer has almost nine people managing things behind the scenes, he only has three. Kyrgios then exaggerated his claim, saying that Federer has got like thirteen people to tie his shoelaces.

I don't have the luxury of having 13 people to tie my shoelaces like Roger Federer or make sure I have a white vest to walk on court with. I have to do these things mostly on my own. To compare Nick Kyrgios to Roger Federer is ridiculous.
Nick Kyrgios defended his action at the press conference.

Kyrgios then defended his act. The Australian said that it was normal for a player to look after their nutrition and also claimed that many players have even carried beers to the conference room. He then took a jibe at the journalists for singling out him.

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