Nick Kyrgios dissing comments against foe Bernard Tomic for having an OnlyFans account resurfaces after he himself debuts on the platform

Nick Kyrgios's old tweets against Bernard Tomic for the OnlyFans account surfaced after Kyrgios himself shared the news of joining the platform. 

Nick Kyrgios dissing comments against foe Bernard Tomic for having an OnlyFans account resurfaces after he himself debuts on the platform

Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic (image via: Wikipedia)

The relationship between Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic has been a mixed one. From being team partners for Australia in the Davis Cup to becoming sheer haters of each other, both of them have seen it all.

On Thursday, Kyrgios shared the news that he was joining OnlyFans on his social media handle. As expected, it went viral within a few hours and an old tweet of Kyrgios resurfaced on the internet in which he was passing diss comments on Tomic for having an OnlyFans account.


This incident between Kyrgios and Tomic took place in 2021 when a fan compared the two Australians. Both of them had a piece of each other on social media. Kyrgios clarified over his social media that they are nowhere alike in their personal lives. 

Moreover, Kyrgios attacked the personal space of Tomic and attacked his girlfriend too for having an OnlyFans account. That’s not all; the tennis professional also didn’t hesitate to add his on-court achievements, including beating the ‘Big Four’ of tennis. Notably, things were pretty heated up during that time between the two big boys from Australia.

However, now, after approximately 3 years, the OnlyFans remark Kyrgios made is making headlines again after he announced that he is signing a deal with OnlyFans. The fans are landing heavy criticism on Kyrgios for being such a hypocrite.


Nick Kyrgios gave his take on joining OnlyFans

Nick Kyrgios has always been in the headlines for his aggressive nature and his outspokenness. It’s the same this time, which he is facing for some outspoken comments he made back in 2021. However, when asked about his decision to join the OnlyFans platform in an interview, Kyrgios said: 

They are revolutionizing social media and I wanted to be a part of that.

Kyrgios further added during the interview:

Athletes can no longer just show up on the court or the field. We have to show up online too. I want to create, produce, direct and own content. That's the future.
Nick Kyrgios (image via: Twitter)

Kyrgios hasn’t been able to meet the high standards that he has set for himself. The 28-year-old is known for his performances against the ‘Big Three’ of tennis. Yet, the Australian hasn’t been able to win a major Grand Slam in his career till now. 


Kyrgios holds the career-highest rank of 13, but currently, he is unranked after missing the entire 2023 season with an injury. However, before his injury, the Australian racked up some good performances by reaching the finals of Wimbledon 2022, in which he was defeated by Novak Djokovic.

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