Nick Kyrgios joins Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce over inclusion of Lebron James in NBA’s Top-5

Kyrgios is a huge basketball fan.

Nick Kyrgios joins Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce over inclusion of Lebron James in NBA’s Top-5

(L) Nick Kyrgios; (R) Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (Credits: People/Imago)

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios was recently spotted on the podcast ‘SHOWTIME Basketball’ that included top NBA (National Basketball Association) stars, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. These personalities were involved in some serious discussions in the podcast.

The 2022 Wimbledon finalist was seen attending the podcast discussion and was looking in awe as the two former Boston Celtics teammates battled it out regarding the inclusion of Los Angeles Lakers’ star, Lebron James, in the top 5 of the NBA. The Australian took to X, to react on a snippet of the episode to express how he felt about his appearance on the show.

Not gonna lie. Was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.
Nick Kyrgios reacting on X

The iconic Celtics former players and teammates were having a heated argument over Lebron James’ inclusion in the top 5 of the NBA in current times. While Paul Pierce completely denied that the Lakers player was still relevant in this discussion, his ex-teammate had different views as he was very much in favor of ‘King James’. Kevin Garnett challenged Paul Pierce to state the reasons for this, and the two were having quite an intense and animated debate over this.

Kyrgios is quite an evident fan of basketball and has, at multiple times, expressed his love for the sport. Earlier, he also talked about the respect he has had for former Lakers player Kobe Bryant, spotted wearing the Lakers jersey at his training sessions and matches.

Nick Kyrgios pulls out of the 2024 Australian Open

The World No.2 has recently announced his withdrawal from a second consecutive Australian Open as injuries continue to plague his tennis career. Things are not going in favor of him recently as he has faced wide backlash for this decision along with his idea of setting up an OnlyFans account.

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios ( Credits: ABC)

The recently turned analyst and commentator for Tennis Channel will have to step up to make a comeback to the sport. Especially after stating that his main objective is still to win a Grand Slam after coming so close last year before falling out to Novak Djokovic in the finals of the 2022 Wimbledon.

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