Nick Kyrgios laughs on ATP’s financial security program ‘Baseline’ as minimum wages for the players are made public

ATP has set $75K as the minimum wage for players ranked between 176-250.

Nick Kyrgios laughs on ATP’s financial security program ‘Baseline’ as minimum wages for the players are made public

Nick Kyrgios (Image via TalkSport)

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios is not too impressed with the minimum wages set by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for the top 250 players in the world as a part of its newly-launched Baseline Program. As the global tennis governing body announced a new program to financially aid the top 250 singles players in the world, Kyrgios felt the threshold set by ATP is still not enough. 

The governing body has set the threshold at $300,000 (£235,000) for the top 100, $150,000 (£117,000) for those ranked 101st to 175th, and $75,000 (£59,000) for those between 176th and 250th in the world for the first year of the three-year trial program. The ATP has assured to cover for the shortfalls if any and will also provide financial aid to players who compete in fewer than nine ATP Tour and Challenger Tour events in a season due to injury.

“We’re beyond excited to introduce Baseline,” said ATP chairman Andrea Gaudenzi (via ATP). “This initiative is a complete shift in the way tennis approaches player finances. It represents our commitment to the players and their careers – fostering an environment where they can thrive and elevate the sport.”

While many lauded this move from the ATP, Kyrgios claimed it is still not enough. “Lol still not enough,” commented Kyrgios on a post that explained the threshold set by the ATP for different-rank players. 

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Fans agree with Nick Kyrgios and feel it would make little difference

ATP Tour
ATP Tour (Image via Reuters)

Not only Nick Kyrgios but many tennis fans from across the globe also felt that the threshold set is not enough. While one of the users called it ‘absolute crumbs’, one felt that this program will practically benefit zero players. 

“This affects practically zero players. Everyone in the top 100 makes more than 300k and everyone in the top 150 makes more than 150k etc. What is the point of implementing something that has no true significance??” pointed out the user on X. 

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While the debate about if the threshold set is enough or not continues to grow, it will also be interesting to see how beneficial it proves to be for the players, especially for those ranked below 150 in the ATP rankings.

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