Novak Djokovic labeled the BEST by Paula Badosa who points out his superior numbers over his rivals

Paula Badosa praises Novak Djokovic's unmatched dominance as he advances to G.O.A.T status.

Novak Djokovic labeled the BEST by Paula Badosa who points out his superior numbers over his rivals

(L) The Big 3, (R) Paula Badosa (Image Via Independent Photo Agency Srl / Alamy Stock Photo)

In the ongoing discussion about the greatest player of all time (G.O.A.T.) in men’s tennis, Novak Djokovic has unquestionably taken the lead, leaving Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in his wake. Paula Badosa, a well-known tennis player from Spain, recently expressed her admiration for Novak Djokovic, recognizing his extraordinary accomplishments and staking out his position as the G.O.A.T.


The entire tennis community is looking for superlatives to describe Djokovic’s greatness after his stupendous performance at the French Open, where he won his 23rd Grand Slam title. The French Open quarterfinalist and former World No. 2, Badosa, added her voice to the chorus of admirers of Djokovic, praising both his on- and off-court accomplishments.

Badosa praised Djokovic’s exceptional mental toughness, calling him a “beast” for his capacity to overcome obstacles and compete at a high level. She emphasized his mental toughness as the pinnacle of greatness and called his dominance nothing short of “crazy.”

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Paula Badosa praises Novak Djokovic’s pinnacle of tennis perfection and unmatched physical fitness

Image from USA Today via Reuters

In an Interview with El Larguero Badosa stated, “He [Novak Djokovic] has everything: mentally he’s a beast. With everything he’s been through, going out and competing like this. Competing and being so superior in every competition seems crazy to me. And tennis wise he’s the most complete. And physically, he takes so much care of himself… It’s brutal. Right now, you can’t say anything other than that he’s the best. He’s shown it. The numbers are the numbers.”

The argument over who is the G.O.A.T. has probably come to a clear conclusion as Novak Djokovic continues to add Grand Slam victories and shatter records. The rise of Novak Djokovic to the top of men’s tennis, surpassing the illustrious accomplishments of Federer and Nadal, confirms his position as the undisputed all-time best player.

Djokovic’s outstanding accomplishments and unwavering dominance on the court have nearly dispelled all doubt. As long as the odds remain in Djokovic’s favor, he will be remembered as the greatest player ever.

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