Novak Djokovic leaves Marco Trungelliti emotional after Nole reaches out to him for support following the Argentine’s comments condemning ATP and ITF

Marco Trungelliti considers Djokovic's support as beautiful.

Novak Djokovic leaves Marco Trungelliti emotional after Nole reaches out to him for support following the Argentine’s comments condemning ATP and ITF

(L) Novak Djokovic, (R) Marco Trungelliti (Images via Telegraph India)

Marco Trungelliti shook tennis fans with his claims a few days back as he revealed the dark side of the sport and how his world turned upside down. Serbian ace and 24-time Grand Slam champion,  Novak Djokovic later came forward to extend his support to the Argentine. Trungelliti expressed his gratitude for the Serb’s support.


In a recent interview with Sportal, Serbian player Novak Djokovic gave his opinion on the entire matter after Trungelliti accused the International Tennis Federation (ITF) of neglecting practices of ‘match-fixing’ and also talked about the plight of the players on the Future Tours while claiming that they are made the ‘stars of the circus’ being run by the fixers. 

Appreciating Trungelliti’s guts of coming ahead to make such statements, Djokovic said, “I really appreciate it when someone has that attitude because they are in general the minority.“

Talking about receiving support from the PTPA co-founder, Novak Djokovic, Trungelliti said, “Obviously I teared up a little. Between the emotions I had on the court, that I had just left, and on top of that I got that message, it almost gave me a kick, haha…I think it’s beautiful, coming from someone who is in the elite, busy with so many things but with his head where it should be,” the Argentine stated in an interview. (H/T: Ambito)


“He has his feet on the ground, and he showed it,” Trungelliti said further as he praised Djokovic for standing up for other players.

Novak, in his interview earlier, shared how he told Carlos Gomez-Herrera to ask the Argentine if he needs any help, and extended his full support to Trungelliti. Djokovic had continued that he would speak up for all tennis players who go through a difficult time and make a living from playing the sport.

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What did Marco Trungelliti have to say about the dark side of tennis?

In an exclusive interview with the Argentine publication La Nacion, tennis professional Marco Trungelliti opened up about a lot of things going on in tennis today that many in the tennis world are unaware of. He talked about match-fixing, inequality in tennis, and also revealed the details of how his life was impacted due to snitching.

Novak Djokovic, Marco Trungelliti
Novak Djokovic, Marco Trungelliti (Image via: FirstSportz)

The Argentine tennis player revealed in the interview how he was approached for match-fixing and was offered $100,000 to fix a match on the ATP Tour. However, being a true samaritan, Trungelliti refused the money and instead reported the incident to the Tennis Integrity Unit.

An investigation into the matter revealed that his compatriots, Nicolas KickerPatricio Heras, and Federico Coria were involved in the crime. This led to these players being banned.

The 33-year-old player’s life however, took a turn for the worse after this incident. Instead of being celebrated, he was called a “snitch” and had to leave Buenos Aires. He also said that after a few years, it was revealed that Novak Djokovic had also received offers from match-fixers. Other players also came out against match-fixing as well. “People may like it or not, but Federer and Nadal never said anything,” reveals Marco during the interview.

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