Novak Djokovic’s 2016 French Open winning racket set to go up for auction with bids expected beyond $100,000

The racket that was used by Novak Djokovic to win his first French Open is now up for auction.

Novak Djokovic’s 2016 French Open winning racket set to go up for auction with bids expected beyond $100,000

Novak Djokovic (Image via: Daily8 bolg)

The 2016 French Open final-winning racket is now up for auction. Novak Djokovic‘s match-winning racket is believed to go for more than $100 million. That’s not all; the value of the racket further increases because it was a part of such an epic match. 

For context, it was the clash of heavyweights in the French Open final. World No. 1 Djokovic was set to go up against the then World No. 2 Andy Murray, and it was a roller-coaster ride for the fans. Nole lost the first set 3-6 before demolishing Murray in three straight sets.


However, more interestingly, the story of the fan named Abby Doherty getting that racket is as awesome as the match. Abby was a college student when he traveled to Paris to watch the French Open. 

She was there for some of the previous matches too, but the entire world of tennis as well as hers were all set for the finals. The match ended with Djokovic winning his first French Open. After a show of sportsmanship with Murray, Nole threw his match-winning racket to the fans and ultimately reached out to Abby. 

This was the famous 2016 season for the Serb, where he won all four major Grand Slam titles within a single calendar year. Surprisingly, this was the first French Open title for Nole. With this triumvirate, Nole joined the elite list of players who have won the four major Grand Slams in a calendar year.


What’s so special about this racket of Novak Djokovic?

For die-hard tennis fans, this racket is not just an ordinary racket; it’s like a sword. The racket is specified as a Head Speed Graphene Touch PT113B racket. It’s a 27-inch-long racket with a custom double-wrapped calfskin leather grip. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the only thing that makes this racket so special.

Novak Djokovic (image via: The New York Times)

The backstory of the final is superbly built. With Nole losing three times in the finals of the Roland Garros already and Murray playing one of the best tennis of his career, both players had enough to lose. With this much pressure on their sides, Nole kept his nerves calmer to dominate Murray in the finals. 

Nole, now in his career, has won three French Open titles. However, the first time that he won in 2016 will mean much more to him and his fans. With that being said, there is no denying that a lot of emotions are attached to this racket, and it is absolutely priceless for his fans. The bidding for the auction ends on December 2.


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