Ons Jabeur calls Iga Swiatek exemplary while making a bold prediction on Ash Barty’s potential Grand Slam tally comparing WTA’s consistency to the Big-3

A glimpse into tennis' evolutionary shift and Jabeur's insightful perspective.

Ons Jabeur calls Iga Swiatek exemplary while making a bold prediction on Ash Barty’s potential Grand Slam tally comparing WTA’s consistency to the Big-3

Iga Swiatek and Ons Jabeur (Image Credit: FirstSportz)

Ons Jabeur pursues her goal of becoming the first Arab tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles title. The talented Tunisian player is determined to make 2023 a memorable year. Jabeur is optimistic and self-assured despite coming up short in two important finals in 2022, and she is prepared to put in the effort and compete against tough opponents to reach her ultimate objective.

With her incredible talent and endearing personality in 2022, Jabeur enthralled fans all over the world. She narrowly missed winning the Grand Slam, though. She lost both the Wimbledon Championships match against Elena Rybakina and the US Open championship match against top-ranked Iga Swiatek. Jabeur, however, sees the value in these experiences because they have given her the skills and drive, she needs to succeed in the future.

Jabeur also spoke about sudden changes in the GOAT race among Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer, as well as the remarkable rise of a new sensation, Carlos Alcaraz as a new star, and the noteworthy accomplishments in women’s tennis, including Ashleigh Barty‘s retirement and Iga Swiatek’s ascent. The Tunisian also mentioned contentious bans, unexpected Grand Slam champions, and the effects of rule changes. 

“I think the change has happened on the women’s side for a long time already, and the men’s side is coming for sure. The example of the Williams sisters and Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal is unbelievable. Now Iga is setting the example, and Ash Barty did it too. If she continued playing, she would have won 20 grand slams. But I like this new WTA. It’s so competitive that you don’t know who is going to win, and, honestly, maybe that’s better. Sometimes it’s boring to have the same final all the time.”

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Ons Jabeur gets ready for New Era in Tennis

ons jabeur ready for new era
Ons Jabeur is ready for new era in tennis (Image via Fox News)

Ons Jabeur and her team committed themselves to enhance different facets of her game during the pre-season as she enters the 2023 season. Jabeur is confident in her skills and believes that this year has the potential to be something extraordinary thanks to her rigorous training and dedication. Jabeur is steadfastly committed to turning her practice and diligence into outstanding match performances. The Tunisian athlete is aware of the value of remaining consistent and carrying out her strategy in crucial situations. 

The women’s field is still extremely competitive, even after Iga Swiatek’s dominance in 2022 and Ash Barty’s retirement as the top player in the world. Jabeur recognizes the difficulty posed by her competitors and appreciates the unpredictability of matches against top-10 competitors. Jabeur is determined to outperform expectations as she sets out on her path to Grand Slam success. She is armed with the knowledge gained from previous setbacks. 

Ons Jabeur’s steadfast commitment to winning a Grand Slam title and her readiness to take on the difficulties of a tough field highlight her fortitude and dedication. The tennis community is eagerly awaiting her breakthrough performances as she begins the 2023 season, which could solidify her legacy as an Arab tennis legend.

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