Ons Jabeur calls on Alex Morgan to challenge Iga Swiatek and Mikaela Shiffrin for exhibition doubles clash

A cross-sport collaboration showcasing versatility and adaptability among top female athletes

Ons Jabeur calls on Alex Morgan to challenge Iga Swiatek and Mikaela Shiffrin for exhibition doubles clash

Iga Swiatek Mikaela Shiffrin Ons Jabeur and Alex Morgan

Two of the world’s top female athletes from different sports have agreed to play doubles together in a friendly match, showcasing their versatility across different domains. Iga Swiatek, the Polish tennis player, and Mikaela Shiffrin, the American alpine skier, have agreed to team up for a doubles match after Shiffrin made the request during a conversation on social media.


Swiatek accepted the offer. But she didn’t stop there. In an effort to add more players to the doubles game, Swiatek invited Ons Jabeur, a Tunisian tennis player, to join in on the action. Jabeur, who is known for her tricky and unpredictable style of play, accepted the invitation and even invited American footballer Alex Morgan to be her partner.

The friendly doubles match is a testament to the growing trend of cross-sport collaborations among athletes, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s also an excellent opportunity for Swiatek and Shiffrin to showcase their versatility and adaptability in different domains.

The doubles match, which is yet to be scheduled, promises to be an exciting and entertaining affair, with four talented athletes from different sports coming together to showcase their skills.


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Fans excited and eager for upcoming doubles match featuring Top female athletes

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Iga Swiatek and Ons Jabeur

The recent announcement that tennis players Iga Swiatek and Ons Jabeur, along with alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin and footballer Alex Morgan, would be teaming up for a friendly doubles match has generated a lot of excitement among fans. Social media has been abuzz with reactions from fans who are eagerly anticipating the match.

One fan tweeted, “Old man Pearce wants to play a doubles set with Ons before she leaves—love her drop shot especially!!” This tweet reflects the enthusiasm that fans have for the upcoming match and the excitement of watching some of their favorite athletes playing together.

The reactions of fans on social media indicate that the upcoming friendly doubles match has generated a lot of buzz and excitement. From the drop shots of Ons Jabeur to the agility of Alex Morgan, fans are eager to see their favorite athletes in action. The popularity of this event highlights the growing trend of cross-sport collaborations and the appeal of watching athletes showcase their skills across different domains.


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